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  1. Terrier pups View Advert Wondered if you could help me find a Terrier Pup from working stock . Advertiser Butchers 456 Date 02/08/21 Price Category Working Dogs and Livestock  

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    Wondered if you could help me find a Terrier Pup from working stock .


  3. Ello out there , You can't keep away from Messer's the biggest part of em are on here masquerading as terrier men n that's alot it makes me laugh some of the crap they put on ere with one thing or another It's no different than the other sites Look at the adds selling terriers failed dogs for X amount n then there's that bloody one I know a bloke who turned down thousands for his terriers mmmmmm Well what did you all have for breakfast when you woke up cornflakes , Everything is going down the pan lately
  4. Ello there, Love or Hate Plummer he brought it all to the front and put working dogs lurchers and terriers on the map with all his books and opened the door for others to fallow Now everybody's writing books ,A,T,B, Butcher's
  5. Ow do, sometimes you can sprize the edges enough to slip the collar through I've done it in the past Good Luck .
  6. Ow do, To be onest were I am I don't no of a rescue centre let alone a vet Ere were I am yer can't find a local vet for farm animals the nearest one I ve bin told is n our away cause they all make there money with ,dogs ,cats rabbits , even fish so you can see were Im coming from . A.T.B
  7. Ow do, They usually got the eds n plucks That's ow it was back then Today yerd probably get prosecuted They were that hungry you nearly allers ad to dig depending on the ferret A.T.B
  8. Yep stupidity n I'm not n never will be yer mate cause I'll tell yer this n everyone else in this game n the shooting game yer don't have mates you ave acquaintance's cause when you're no longer ov any use to someone they drop you like a lead weight. That's a Fkn fact especially in the dog game yer so called best mate will stab yer in the back I've bin in this game for longer than I care to remember n I'm no spring chicken anymore So you everyone else REMEMBER what I've just said cause they Fkn will . All the best n good luck cause you'll all need it Butcher's or what ever yer wanna call mi
  9. Oy you dik I've known who you are for a long time n yer wife on other site so don't come on spkn to me like anything I'll tell you this for nothing n all the rest of the upstarts on ere I've forgotten more about this game than you'll ever know n I'll tell you this to I'm a Man of my word unlike you n some ov yer bloody cronies so shuv that up yet pc coming on ere spouting yer mouth of
  10. Ow do , I don't no [BANNED TEXT] a laughin n cryin stands for on this phone can't get me ed round all this jargon Butcher's
  11. Ow do,Do you no a bloke called ........ , if Iv spelt it right Butcher's
  12. Ow do ,Ow very true the old nocker box n then [BANNED TEXT] they now call mk 1 grey box I think they work better than the new ones I remember buying a mk 2 bran new from Deb's n all new bats new collar checked it before we set it up then put on the ferret mmmmmm thought here we go ferret down ages so I got this locator out What a waste ov money good job we ad the old cause the ferret would probably be still there after all these years Debens well I ad all sorts of trouble with them mainly because of Mr PL n Mr J M cause they said they were ok cause they were getting free beez of em So my advic
  13. Ow do,In regards to keeping em today they've got more food for ferrets than humans compared to years ago they would be fed bread n milk pobs n scraps of rabbits or the odd bird you got with yer 177pellet gun Compared to back then today they've won the lottery . But today it's tougher to hunting just crazy n no locator they were to expensive it was a pantomime getting yer ferret n rabbit if they were stuck but it was great fun . .A.T.B
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