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  1. Thanks for the advice guys I will let you know which one I go for
  2. Ok, I was a bit vague I think. Small vermin is what I go after at the minute so Rabbits, Rats the littler stuff. I have Air Rifle at present I have a rotex rm8 .177 with multishot clip. But she is an old girl now showing signs of rust:(
  3. Friendly opinions on rifles and calibre trying to decide on what I go for next?
  4. Thanks guys! Yeah I've tried a few places but seems everyone says they are full
  5. Hi guys, Does anyone have any ideas where I can get some vermin shooting access in the Midlands? I'm finding it difficult to find anywhere by myself.
  6. Thanks guys! I have started with shooting with the air rifles with a few friends which is cool. I would like to learn about trapping as that looks a lot like a challenge
  7. Hi all, I have just registered with the forum! I have recently taken up vermin hunting a lot more. I have enjoyed it with friends the past few months and I am now looking at getting my own spots and tips of you guys!
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