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  1. Been let down on a mating that was meant to happen soo now I’m bang out of luck for a puppy dose anyone know of anyone that’s going to be breeding there dog towards half or end of the year I’m looking for alrounder type something that’s going to make 23 26 inch
  2. Yeah hopefully mate that’s the plan I hope anyway to be honest all I really wanna run is rabbits and munty with them
  3. That’s what I’m thinking of doing personally but just wanted to see what few people think to be honest hopefully be a good alround dog
  4. Hi there just asking quick question friends of mine are planning a litter and they have said I could have pick of the litter and I’m just wondering what size they would make sire is a collie whippet bedlington greyhound 21 inch Dam is a Bull greyhound xcollie Bedlington deerhound, 23 and half inch just want a alround lurcher to be honest I’m wanting something about 23 inch soo i can do abit of everything with him really what’s your views
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