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  1. Aye Pud cracking morning out in sunny Northumberland. Both Pud and myself left Plummers at home as the day was about giving young Barney a chance to get a kill or two on his own. Took my Collie Merle along as she can be controlled and wouldn't try and take Barney's rats off him . Like pud said ,first rat ..young Barney took few bites but he still killed.... second rat he killed a lot better. Not only did he kill but he also Marked few rats at home and they were home as I dug to them. Dandie Dinmont, who would of thought!!! Well never thought I'd be out ratting with one. Credit to Pud for giv
  2. Day we got 76 out of one big set on the hill. Ferrets dogs and spades had a good day . Personal best for days ferreting, was 2 seasons ago. Atb Keith j.
  3. Last season when we were out pud,can't wait for weather to change and get out ferreting again. Been some good numbers taken on days out . Keith J
  4. Aye pud had some cracking days on the bunnies, roll on winter. Keith J.
  5. If anyone will give this pup a crack at the whip it will be pud. I've had the privilege of witnessing the white night in action on a good few occasions over the years,and what a cracking little dog he is on all all legal quarry. Good luck with young Barney ,look forward to seeing his progress KEITH J.
  6. Sounds like a plan bud . Been doing a lot with few lads of border ratters, long netting etc. Had close to couple hundred rabbits. Atb Keith J
  7. Was good day out in Northumberland pud, good lads and good Craic. Was good day out in rabbit valley too on weekend. Couple more pictures of the rat day curtusy of Neil Staff. Atb Keith J.
  8. Well done to the 0ld girl Fireman. Still a few lads working these dogs and there doing fine. Have to agree same shite different day on here , shame really as the working dog world gets enough shite already of the antis and do gooders. Keep up the good work Atb Keith J
  9. Aye Bill my dogs are kept buisy. There worked week in week out and all year round if possible. There's still a lot of lads, lads I know personally that work there Plummers regularly and legally above and below. Atb Keith J.
  10. My two above , mother and daughter. Rob"Wirral country man "still works a few Plummer terriers, he has the litter brother to mine "wilf". Rob is a very knowledgeable man. Don your youngin dog is looking in great shape. Atb Keith J.
  11. Brother in law Border , great little Ratter, Busher keen as ..atb Keith J.
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