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  1. hotdog

    Drop Net

    has any one use a drop net set up from master hunter if so how did it go
  2. hotdog

    Drop Net

    how do I make a drop net
  3. hotdog

    Drop Net

    after making a drop net .does any no how to make one
  4. 2 lurcher bitch pups 5 weeks old now mum beddie greyhound with a dash of collie 24 tts dad is wheaton greyhound x saluki greyhound 26 tts . they will have a broken or rought coat .one is fawn the other is darker ,can not put photo can text one to genuine people ,200 pound east sussex
  5. for sale 2 year old male lurcher 26 tts saluki greyhound x Deerhound greyhound with a dash of bull. does it all £ 250 east sussexi
  6. for sale bull greyhound dog pup 15 weeks old red in colour 100 pounds .can text a photo .east susex
  7. hi am looking for a deerhound x to put over my bitch after xmas ish sussex area .any photos and in info
  8. Hi mate she's a nice bitch .not to good on the lamp .can text a photo if u pm me your number
  9. Hi chocolate beddie x greyhound with a dash of collie 3 1/2 years old good bushing lurcher and ferreting bitch . East sussex £100
  10. Hi after getting a running dog tat . Need some ideas .reg
  11. hi every one seen a border terrier bitch pup for sale in middlebought but am down in east sussex any one coming south from near there or no a dog trance sporter
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