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  1. lacey1

    Plummer Stud

    Try to find a contact for the Stamwell ratters
  2. lacey1

    Show Us Your Plummer's

    Last few
  3. lacey1

    Show Us Your Plummer's

    A few more
  4. lacey1

    Show Us Your Plummer's

    Here's a few
  5. lacey1

    Pups Born This Morning

    Well, I'm gutted as that white bodied bitch is dead, I was leaving to do some pest control on a golf course 20 miles away at 9 o clock and noticed this little one behind the bitch, checked it and it was cold to the touch, I left the wife to warm it up and give it some lactol but it died about 11 ish, I think she must of lay on it or maybe it was unwell, puppy fading syndrome, or something along those lines, I have never lost a pup before in 45 yrs of breeding terriers so we are both a bit low with it, I suppose its better off happening now then later,atb,WM Sorry to hear about the pup,do you think the death could have anything to do with a hereditary fault that the Sire has produced before ? Good luck with the remaining 3 ,hope they do their future owners proud
  6. Did the pig kill many Keith lol,ps well done and keep at em
  7. lacey1

    Old Plummer Terriers

    No mate a dog that my mate owns he's had him since he was a pup and ratted him with me for nearly 9 years ,Masher bred him
  8. lacey1

    Old Plummer Terriers

    Bitch and she was a screamer in the kennels ,gave her away to a young lad who keeps her in the house and she's been no trouble ,1 rotten apple spoils the bunch and you've got to respect the neighbours
  9. lacey1

    Old Plummer Terriers

    No she's off Diesel
  10. lacey1

    Old Plummer Terriers

    15 month old dog
  11. lacey1

    Old Plummer Terriers

    6 month old 3/4 Remlap blood , she's started well on rats,
  12. lacey1

    Old Plummer Terriers

    They were only champion of their own little club as each one never recognised the others paperwork, the champs were normally picked before the show, a fixed "sham" was the usual outcome, lol's WM WC if you look at the pedigree you will see the regisration was in 2006 with the EPTR for a dog born in 2003 ,all of the dogs in the ped only gained their recognition from the 1 and only club running at that time ,the 3/4 club debacle wasn't within the breed at that time
  13. lacey1

    Old Plummer Terriers

    Jamie the dog you had was a G/Son off him ,it was a son off him and Jet mated to Pepsi for your pup
  14. lacey1

    Old Plummer Terriers

    I have a bitch from the early "new blood" stuff bred by Lacey that I've bred lots of pure bred stuff off, they are now on 3 generations of Plummer/Plummer 100% I also have some outcrosses that will be bred back to create a clean new line free of any faults, something Plummer did on a regular basis and forming a new gene pool, I would challenge anyone to tell which is which LOL's, is there really any pure breds anyway, they are all just a blend of terriers when do they become Plummers ?? is it when they get KC membership or when their coat pattern looks like one, WM WC it's not bred by me if it's new blood as you say ? ,I have never had any of the last outcross blood in my kennels ,one of my old dogs covered an outcross bitch on the request of Brian Plummer ,may be your bitch comes down from that union but definately not bred by me , hope this helps