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  1. I've just read the paper back but I've never seen the program. The book could have done with being much thicker...
  2. Still got these. The Ex has got her exchange, so they got to go sharpish. £.
  3. I`d like to do the subsistence bit but without the total isolation, turns out I`m quite social if we get on... More a tribe style life.
  4. These are still for sale. Sorry for any delay. Not getting online as much as I`d like. PM me for a quicker response.
  5. Still for sale due to logistical reasons...
  6. Just waiting on a tub of 200 bud. I`ll let you know...
  7. when you can point her in the direction of the bedroom and she goes.... Chase has gone, fire fizzles out shortly after.
  8. Sweet. Thanks fella. How long do you keep giving the tablets?
  9. Not so much as drying her up, more nipping a phantom in the bud. I read given early enough will help with preventing a phantom. I`m sure I read 4 to 6 tablets at the very start of her season daily and carrying on 4 weeks or so after. But I thought 4 to 6 tablets a day was a bit excessive?
  10. No one? Sock`s, Sandy, Skycat? It mentions them in RDM but doesnt go into great detail.
  11. Hi All... Well my lurcher is in the middle of her second season. Her first season she had a bit of a phantom and got a bit of milk in for quite a while afterwards. The vet said it could indicate problems further along the line regarding future seasons due to having a phantom straight off the bat. I was not given anything for her, but told to keep an eye on her and things dried up on their own. Now this time round Im gonna try the raspberry leaf extract tablets, anyone got any reliable info on when to start them, dosage ect.
  12. 3 Panels made by dogs health... Excellent condition, barely used. 1 x 2m plain panel 1 x 2m door panel, door on the left. 1 x 2.4m plain panel (made specially and cost near the price of 2 plain panels) £120 buys them. Buyer collects. Gosport Hampshire. PO13
  13. Hope you find a proper home bud. Fair play to you for taking her back.
  14. Smithie...? Smithie is a gem like that.
  15. Steels cheaper and comes already made and you can reuse them... I get mine by the 1000`s from simply bearings.
  16. I watched a program on it, to be fair it was funny. There was 3 of them and when one would tick the others followed suit. It was like a 3 man mexican wave of obscenities and jerky gestures.
  17. Moxy or leeview for big boxes mate. Smart they are too. Lee`s boxes - http://foremostly-ferrets.co.uk/
  18. Where you getting the big rings from Bill? I got a spool of similar stuff off my mate badger, he got it for rigging trammels, only mine doesnt look as flat. Murder on the hands though. I think Ive got a 6fter in the shed made out of it.
  19. I missed this little gem blossom... A fool and his money are easily parted. Anyone wanna buy any nets
  20. Exactly that. Check out the videos on YT about twisting and tweaking the pouch, never been a fan myself, but it works for some. Pictures are usually too large to upload directly most of the time, you`ll need to shrink the file...
  21. That reads much more funnier if you read the B........... as bas tards and W.... and W.... as wank and wanky
  22. Does it really matter about the small cup of biscuit used daily if you feed a decent variety of raw meat, fish, bones and veg as the main bulk of the meal/diet? Honest Question. I could understand if it was on a 100% dry diet. My bitch is doing well on my local feed mills 21% own brand, puts a knot in her turds any way.
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