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  1. Thanks for the help lads I'll try his num c what he has to say .I've been trying the internet meself and being in contact with a member iwtf waiting to hear bk from them
  2. Any one no any good barrister or solicitor in Ireland can pm num thanks if can help
  3. Is it stopin d fox's from going to ground or putting the fox so the hounds can hunt him , like release for them
  4. 1.1966 2.todd of kendal 3.peter gorman 4.thatch 5.sealaham 6.france 7.98 8 . Eddie Chapman 9.ullswater fox hounds 10 . Geoffrey sparrow 11.canis lupas 12.1993 13 . wheaten 14.yes 15.eskdale and eager dale 16.before 17.rudder 18.???????????????????
  5. I didn't call u a dickhead for givein advice even if the advice was bollox ,anyway if 1 of my dogs couldn't shake off a bit off tough love they wouldn't last long .il try not to raise me voise at d dogs in future ok genny
  6. Jesus meant as a bit of a joke . general I'm no wanker , Jesus is there anything u haven't tried , give em ur bed ,put a bow in his hair and a lovely jacket ya dickhead
  7. A bit of tough love ,boot up d hole n out the back door
  8. Lookin at the picture again ,that's a fair root chainsaw job
  9. I never seen a bedlington work before FairPlay , what height are they
  10. Like to see some Levi oaks strain ,heard they were top of the range
  11. Jesus hearing all this i think il b keepin photos in the album
  12. Can you not just get it docked at the vets
  13. Some fine animals ,il put up a pic of mine .soon as I figure it out
  14. Never spoke to the man sounds like a decent skin ,Was at that show aswel ,one of d best in the country
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