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  1. ah God Steve sorry to hear this - my old plummer bitch died in October - its shitty when it comes time but have memories too - onward and upward ?
  2. would you be interested in a small plummer terrier that has produced small stuff all working ? The dog is line bred to Stormyboys dog.
  3. are they right back to the Scottish Legion stuff and working well? Had one here direct from Legion - owner died and was gifted
  4. Old Country Blood Resurrection - under a post re Stevens lines
  5. wouldn't be worried about the colour Glyn - its out of interest having seen all sorts of colours come out of breedings here - btw these pups came from a Black over Choc apparently
  6. Not long after seeing a pair of pups cream or yellow coloured on facebook - any one seen many of these?
  7. Has anyone bred these? Perhaps even terrier in there? How were they?
  8. as far as I know this line died off - it wasnt Teddy but another kennel - ATW - Against the Wind - Teddy did visit with Plummer and she wrote up a great article for one of the PCGB yearbooks (she worked teckels to ground) - hope this helps
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