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  1. Rapson73

    My bull hound

    Eh up sonny who’s got a multitude of accounts?? Maybe I was naive but I thort this internet lark was fer real and we all new where we stood? Maybe I was wrong eh wee man. Ah will bare it in mind sonny,, thanks fer heeds up,,
  2. Rapson73


    Very keen wee bitch that, reminds me of my old lass back in the 80s,, she lived for a tree rat,,
  3. Rapson73

    Stud deerhound needed

    Eh up lads we got a wrongun here offering his stud services,, steady on sonny it’s a young strapping deerhound the wee lassy is after not a tired old poodle like yer self,,
  4. Rapson73

    It's time

    Yer spot on sonny,, thee would of clipped me round thee earhole fer saying such vulgar words when I was a laddy,, me old mar would of slapped me square sausage,,
  5. Rapson73

    Pics Of Your Bushing Dogs

    By eck that’s some pup that,, stamp eh the thing hey lads, tell yer what sonny that’s a wee topper,,
  6. Rapson73

    It's time

    Eh up sonny, be sounds a things ye gerrin yer wires crossed wee man
  7. Rapson73

    It's time

    By eck sounds like a good do sonny, many turned oot? fat beddy whips get a wee few?
  8. Rapson73

    It's time

    Ever feel like yer talking to yer self sonny?
  9. Rapson73

    It's time

    Get me some tallisker with the corn beef and gammy leg sonny
  10. Rapson73

    It's time

    3 corn beef rolls fer me lads
  11. Rapson73

    It's time

    No need fer brung me wife into this sonny,, I got good heed of hair for 76 too I will have yee ken,,
  12. Rapson73

    It's time

    Eh up now sonny they might be 15 and 17 but they sure as haggis is haggis aren’t no wee jackers,, yer time be better spent walking the fat beddy cross sonny instead of sat on here chewin the fat,,
  13. Rapson73

    It's time

    They call me gypsy frank in the boozer, I’ve lived in tha many different places sonny,, I’ve got the strangest accent so I have,,
  14. Rapson73

    It's time

    Yer welcome here sonny,, bring a wee flask on whiskey and I will show ye a few good spots for a ramble
  15. Rapson73

    It's time

    Eh up sonny,, By eck it’s been a while since anyone called me frankie,, that’s what me first wife called me,, she’s dead now the fat coo,, I don’t do a great lot of lomping these days sonny,, only if me grandson will push me wee buggy cuz a don’t walk far