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  1. Hi i have a bellman and flint red locator box and the on off awitch underneath is really hard to turn on... any ideas? Many thanks.
  2. Thanks all . Dames breeding goes back a fair few years to ludlow/hereford areas originally .
  3. LAST PUP WHICH IS A DOG FOR SALE. Mother 5yr old - deerhound collie greyhound Sire - bull grey x collie Parents Exceptional workers on hill in the day or lamping at night and great markers. Parents stock proof and reared on working sheep farms. PM for any more info. £150 mid wales sy256jg Many more photos available seems a pain to add them on here... video of pups also on youtube. Can email or facebook .
  4. Thankd! I have decided to keep the brindle bitch back for myself. She is popular on here too!
  5. http://www.thehuntinglife.com/forums/topic/362357-collie-x-pups/
  6. Decided to keep this bitch pup back from my litter. Looking forward to seeing how she turns out
  7. One dog and two bitches left. Brindles have now all gone.
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