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  1. Its actually pritty funny lol all sit behind your phones ill just let you all carry on katchum the keboard hunter loves all the fuss and gossip he aint got a proper nights lamping in him dno why you felt the need to comment on my post for just do one ffs think your better than all rest bet you comment on everything on here dont you got to get you 50 pence worth wonder how many people on here think your a twat ill leave you to it now have fun lads
  2. Pal dont need no one to show me places got my own transport and land f**k me dont see the need for people to comment if not necesery
  3. Hahaha funny far from scared pal i prob do more hunting than you. Probly sat behind your keyboard more keyboard hunters
  4. Need new lamping partners all mine are slacking and not going out much and im keen as hell lol wanna get out all the time south wales area
  5. I got tourettes it aint a funny thing lads its horrible I struggle everyday to try and fight my ticks ive only got the motor ticks side of it and that's hard enuf never mind how they feel I suffer from constant headaches and bard necks people staring at me more nervous I get the more I do it the more I try to stop it the worse it gets its a no win situation with it wouldn't wish it on anyone theres no control for it summin ill live for for the rest of my life but I can see what you mean by the funny side of it as they lagh about it them selves to but its either lagh or cry about it lol its har
  6. lamping toniht i think with this wind piking up

    1. peterhunter86


      Im hoping to get out myself

  7. any body got a harris hawk in wales i could go out with and learn off them?
  8. hi all is there any good topics on here about harris hawks everything u need to know about them like training feeding and finding out what wieght they fly at like how you find it out and entering them hope there something out there that can help me atb welsh hunter thanks
  9. nice pup mate hope he turns out nice for you!!
  10. hi is any body looking for beaters willing to travel and got spaniel i can use to that works well with guns and flushes really good and can stop her at any time.
  11. f*ck me some people on here swaer they havent done it gone out lamping when its out of season hes only just got into it. i bet when you just got into it you couldnt wait to get out and do it we was all the same at one point give him a break. and ye they will still be out danny when its a bit of drizzle its a better night mate.
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