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  1. iurlano

    Pen Sections

  2. iurlano

    Pen Sections

    Near crewe cheshire
  3. iurlano

    Pen Sections

    2 x gate sections 5ft x 4ft wide 3 x solid panels 5ft x 5ft £140
  4. iurlano


    My pup 6 month old. Great pup to have around
  5. iurlano

    Terrier Pup

    Im on the look out for a pup if anyone has spare over the summer. Must be of parents that have a good few seasons graft behind them. Dont mind dog or bitch a good home waiting and dog will have plenty of work!
  6. iurlano


    6 x canada goose decoys FUD type 12 x mallard decoys 6 FUD type 6 are floating shell ones. Decoy bag. Large camo net and 4 telescopic hide poles. Collection only cheshire area. Looking for £100
  7. iurlano


    Ill keep my eyes open only at haslington. Scum bags want ther fingers choping of !
  8. iurlano

    Baikal Side By Side

    Forgot to add 12 bore Located cheshire
  9. Baikal side by side double trigger non ejector 28" barrels. Nice gun very little use always cleaned before put away. Unable to upload pics but can send by email or text. Looking for £150
  10. iurlano

    Bushing Dogs

    Sent you pm
  11. iurlano

    Dogs For Sale

    Sent you pm
  12. iurlano

    Vauxhall Astra Estate

    Cheshire area