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  1. Can't go wrong with the conquest range, I would recommend them, my friend has a few as well and other optics, Glass quality is second to none, good tracking, if I'd not of bought the leupold for my .243, I'd deffo put on a conquest. And maybe have saved the guts of a grand
  2. Seems I've lost touch to post direct image's... used the direct link in PB...? hmmm rusty in this site now ....lol
  3. http://i776.photobucket.com/albums/yy48/snap243/untitled--3_zps14132ad9.jpg http://i776.photobucket.com/albums/yy48/snap243/Timedoesntstop_zps1ee6deb2.jpg
  4. im glad to come back on here and hear that your confidence in the round is good, it makes all the difference... atb. Snap.
  5. .243 fallow deer 302 yards, .243 fox ranged at 437 yards, and shot slightly further out at night, couldn't find it as i was working next day, but my lamping partner found it,
  6. Also depends alot on rim thickness of each round, cud be a bad batch, But also treat the .17 hmr like a centre fire with regard to copper cleaning, it needs a good cleaning routine to keep it firing sweet, i suggest giving the rifle to a friend you know who can shoot, and give him 5 rounds from differing points in the ammo box, and see are the results the same... good luck, as above mounts bases, crown, trigger release point consistant with all shots...? Snap.
  7. Hmmmmm, faster isn't always better, and the .243 is as good a foxing round as any out there, i value the round so much that i got my tikka .243 s/s built into a custom rifle when the barrel had its time done, its a decision i have not regreted, and as a few on here who know me, have taken many foxes out to and over 400 yards at night, with longest being just under 440 yards, my prefered rounds fox fox are, 70g blitzking and 87g v-max. you won't get better if you homeload, my 2p worth..... Snap.
  8. yep not a bad ol stick, Happy birthday mate.......... Snap.
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