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  1. sorry its been so long, i should have replied ages ago!! computer been down. i only have one of those feathers availible... does your mate still want it??
  2. whats he needing?? which ones?? i'll try and see what ive got spare, sorry cant promise anything!!
  3. Still looking for steel shot pigeons or corvids, if anyone can help, happy to pay and collect.
  4. Does anyone use steel shot to shoot pigeons? Looking to buy some pigeons in east anglia. Just drop us a message if you can help Thanks guys!
  5. Not too sure but if the bloke was flying his owl everyday for an hour or two this means the owl would be on the same block for the remaining 22-23 hours in a day, surely the owl would develop foot problems before too long? no it probably wouldn't.... no different to sitting on the perch in the cage.
  6. I have just got myself a six year old female harris with an attitude, just come out of the moult and have started flying her.............. had no end of suprises with her, including losing half of my nose! hope to get my male harris back up and running by December all being well....................
  7. Was looking for a harris, gos or redtail...... was happy to pay 200-300 quid depending on what was on offer, I have been offered a female harris, going to look at her tomorrow
  8. Just wondering if anyone could help. I got a male harris at the beginning of the year, he came from a very late clutch so I ended up with him at an odd time of year to get a harris (if that makes sense). A couple of months down the line he fractured his leg ( which cost me a pretty penny at the vets, I would have just put him down to save money but my working animals and birds mean more to me than that). As a result of this he was left to rest for a couple of months after his leg had healed and consequently started to moult out. So now I have no bird to fly and a lot of reasons that I need a bird to fly including loss of permission if I don't keep on top of rabbits etc. If anyone could direct me towards someone who may be able to help me out with a ready trained hawk (harris, gos or redtail) as I really do need a bird to fly! Any help would be greatly appreciated as I cant pay a huge amount but I am prepared to pay something towards a bird, and I certainly am not expecting anything free!!!!!! Any help would be appreciated. MT
  9. according to a few of the ex cops ive spoken to around Suffolk, the met are generally a dirty bunch (not saying all! just what ive been told) and that when the miners strikes etc. were on in the 80's, the met wouldn't go.... so the guys from our way had to head up north!!!
  10. sorry, im not the greatest at diy, but have you thought at all about some extra support for the back of the seat? I have a feeling it may not last long!! Great project though, look forward to seeing it finished.
  11. I think the MP's who are for it should be written to as well, just to show that we are behind them and that they are being supported, but good point though, they do need telling the truth.
  12. I still reckon we are in for a hard winter tierce!
  13. a friend of mine has a .410 shotgun that he wants to find out about the history of and how much its worth etc. where is the best place to find out info about it? thanks in advance potpoacher
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