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  1. Cheers for the comments there ready for tonight that's all that counts to me and they will only get fitter Atb rj
  2. Normally start the end of July mate nothing to great maby 2-3 miles for the first 2 weeks then up them to 2-3 miles at the side of the push bike no great speed just get them trotting and then just keep uping it week by week till I feel there ready to start as for feeding I do it daily by eye if u know your own dogs and the dietary needs its not to hard I feed gain 28 and red mince or green tripe mince again by eye as one day they may get 2lbs then the next just the 1lbs depending on how much I feel they need ! Not the way everybody does it but it works for me mate! Oh and just to add I worm th
  3. Cheers cbx makes all the hours of road walking worth it when they shape up half decent plus gives them a good start to build of during the season Atb rj
  4. Just got the permo round there off James she's 24 tts mate and doing well Atb rj
  5. To right looks don't catch whippet 99 but these keep me happy and the meat on the table! Atb rj
  6. Rory4 both bull crosses and the old girl second pick from the bottom is the dam to the fawn bitch mostly whippet grey with a splash of bull atb rj
  7. Yeah the fawn bitch is the one I bred hubbs as for the hernia had 3 different greyhound men look at her and got told the same thing by them all just leave it its fully healed and not going to affect her at all so that was good enough for me arb rj
  8. he's all ways on a power trip mate lol
  9. this is the choc dog here mate was nearly 9 months in pic. some cracking pics buddy, the pair of them look really well with you...what you feeding them on ? the pups on dry mix veg and lean mincethe blue one is on dry mix veg and fish. And 5grams of creatine and bcaa. haha fecking hell thats the stuff i take for weight lifting i thoght giveing creattine or whey protien is bad for there gut. Creatine mohydrate is the stuff that should be used as all good racing kennels know its not cheep tho! Atb rj
  10. My bitchs dam was 22 tts and her sire 28-1/2 tts she made 24 tts but most of her litter mates are 25 + atb rj
  11. Got a bitch here 1/4 bull 1/4 whippet 1/2 grey that looks like a 3/8 5/8 bull grey she's 24 tts runs at 57- 60 lbs and is shapeing up to be a good honest bitch has put some game to bed for her age and has made some bigger dogs look silly at times ! Atb rj and I've seen gazs bitch run aswell on a few nights out she's as honest as the day is long nothing wrong with her IMO atb rj
  12. How big are the sire and dam mate ? And what% of bull is in them ? Atb rj
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