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  1. I have the lot on ebay so cant split . but could go down to £85 for the lot
  2. 8ft finder with collar in working order. nets, game carrier . i have got some spare batteries for the collar and a spare, but well used strap. £100 pick up or £110 posted
  3. jac

    canvans bags for ferrets

    bags are crap. if you fall you can land on your ferret and kill it. thats why boxes were made .
  4. oh lol. i dont know if there are grouse on there but i wont be going there anytime soon. I sent a email to the rangers to ask about ferreting
  5. how do you no the difrence ?
  6. jac

    cheaper insurance

    I am with COUNTRY COVER CLUB £24-95 . covers ferreting
  7. jac

    The Season?

    Yah same here to much cover cant see a thing through the brambles and long grass. cant wait till it dies off
  8. lol I will think of you next time i see one
  9. dont know. never taken the ferrets on the moors before
  10. I would like to do a bit of ferreting on the moors but dont know who owns it or if I need permission? any ideas please
  11. jac


    are they castrated/spayed ?
  12. I want to buy a new collar . whos the guy who sells them please?
  13. jac

    Ferret box wanted

    i cant aford £30 but they are nice boxes
  14. jac

    Ferret box wanted

    do you have a photo and price mate?