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  1. shagydog

    bullx for sale

    y dpont you buy it then dog face
  2. 1 strong black pup left 150 quid let me no if any 1 intrested from diggin stuff

  3. me lil blackens just dropped its pups last week 5 dogs an a bitch they should be beltas

  4. hey there dfk i herd you have just ad a litter do ya want 2 lend a bucket

  5. shagydog

    enduro for swap

    you will have toi pm me your number i can send them to you that way
  6. Enjoys watching movies such as "the fletcher and his dog" while tugging off in DFK's bed

  7. shagydog

    yorkshire terrier x patterdale

    a friend of a friend showed his dog mini russel x yorkie x dashhound x chiwawa crazy look dog bout 6 inches broken coated thing it was hes had a vixen an a few litters of cubs will go 2 ground an bays at rabbits if thats what you want good look haha atb
  8. shagydog

    enduro for swap

    put 1 on both sides its belta good fun da bike
  9. shagydog

    enduro for swap

    put 1 on both sides its belta good fun da bike
  10. shagydog


    i havw ufo motorcross body armour 30 quid ono a sick off falling over it in the house
  11. shagydog

    night vision

    100 quid that is
  12. shagydog

    night vision

    i have a newton sports optic night vision monocular i havent realy used it much what i have seen its a ok little gadgit 100 or swap for somethink i might think iss handy try me
  13. shagydog

    fiat punto 2002 sell or swap

    NOT ALOT MATE WHAT CASH U WILLING TO TAKE. IT WOULD BE FOR OUR LASS SHE HAS A S REG CLIO IF THATS ANY GOOD TO YA has your lass still got that clio i might be intrested
  14. shagydog

    Selling up

    any pics of fox traps mabey intrested
  15. shagydog

    citroen berlingo P REG

    any pic?