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  1. Ive seen quite a few couples shagging in cars in out of the way places when lamping (a quick light up with the lamp usually cures it) We had a geezer walk past me and my mates stark bollock naked when we were fishing once and I've seen a woman laid on her back pleasuring herself in a meadow whilst reading a book, they all sort of made sense 1. No where else to go/affairs 2. Pervert 3. She just got carried away but this woman I've got no idea other than cold temps are supposed to have some health benefits? Or she had an invisible hot tub?
  2. She wasn't smoking a fag that would almost explain it. why would a hot piece of ass sit in her garden in her under crackers ?
  3. Just before Christmas I treated myself to a new airgun, a HW100 ks. In .177 I decided I'd take it out this morning for the first time and try for some squirrels on a local permission. i thought I was wrapped up enough but after 1 1/2hrs I was definitely feeling the cold, I'd accounted for two big fat squirrels and not seen anything for a while. I decided on the way home to drop in on a big house out in the sticks that is plagued by white doves that have gone feral after the doves owner passed away I was asked to reduce the numbers about 12 months ago by the elderly property owner as she often counts 20+ birds on her roof the mess they leave is unbelievable. so I called up thinking I could keep warm in the car and shoot from the motor. The doves were back in good numbers! It was approximately 9:30AM and 2 degrees out. The electric gates to the house were closed so I got out and then noticed the attractive blond neighbour of the couple I was going to visit. sitting in a garden chair wearing only her black bra and knickers........... i kid you not, I did a double take and our eyes met she didn't bat an eyelid, didn't wave or acknowledge me at all she just sat there i got back in the car and quietly reversed back down the drive. what the hell is that about ?
  4. As per title Im looking for a Beddy dog pup, Its for a pet home and ideally liver coloured please message me if anyone knows of a litter. Thanks Dave
  5. I know this strain well and they never have hobs EVER Funny that init Faz ... All gone now to decent lads
  6. You Can shot them any time just cant sell them at certain times, although I would'nt shoot anything thats not vermin at this time of year,
  7. Iv got 2 litters on Jills only, first ready in the next month of so the second were born last night Free to genuine people. Really good strain that are easy to handle and work well. West Yorkshire. PM Me!
  8. I would say 1/8 beddy, 1/8 collie, 7/16 airedale, 7/32 bull x scoobydoo and a dash of minkhound defo no greyound or whippet in there. Seriously though no one can guess what it is. Just feed it, walk it and see how it turns out. Good luck with it, its a bonny pup
  9. That might be the first ever genuinly shot and retrieved hare on THL !!!!!!!
  10. Where are you getting that bearing from? It just so happens i have a MK1 tx in bits as we speak, im very interested to see how this works. I often thought about the piston running on bearings instead of the synthetic bush, anythought?
  11. My advice to you would be start your own thread in the lurcher section not in someones wanted ad
  12. Ideally a first cross terrier/whippet. Please get intouch if you have anything suitable or are planning a litter. Cheers Dave
  13. I bought a new tx in .22 a few years ago, it was doing around 8 1/2 ftlb so I stripped it to see what was what. I was amazed to find the grease from the factory was full of swarfe and machining debris. I contacted AA by email but they never commented. I stripped it and re-lubed it correctly and it was smooth but never acheived 10 ft/lb until I put a V-mach in it. Then it did 16 ft/lb buts thats another story.
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