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  1. He is Ralph duggan bred mate some dog he is 10 year old
  2. Well back out today with the lads jamie2004live and genuine had a good day last week on new permission and keepers asked us back so arranged it for today, not the coldest but foxes have been sighted again so back out, meet the lads early door the keeper had a big spot for us to check, said the lads before would never check it and allways plenty of foxes seen there, it was a big rock pile and Brock Jamie's dog has worked this kind of stuff a lot so was perfect for him so we went and met a couple of lads there aswell to cover the area with the guns because there no way of knowing where or if it
  3. You been very lucky mate if you dont know the land always have a leader or collar on, and well done dog long time he spent working
  4. Them pictures of the dogs are dissevering he is probably twice the bitches size must be the angle of your pics genuine mate
  5. Good day it was lads hands are still sore off stone doesn't look it on pictures but some hard ground thought there would of been a lot more but just wasn't cold enough, plenty of tracks so hopefully a bit more cold weather and we are back on, Brock is some tool still 10 year old and really happy with young bitch did her job, enjoyed them couple of pints after ha
  6. Had some good days out with Brock, it will be a well deserved retirement aswell not many reach that age, well done Brock
  7. Sent you pm's mate if he is what you say I will take the dog message me back to sort out
  8. That's great mate I have pm'd you with my number thanks mate
  9. I knew someone would say that, of course I asked he didn't know the exact breeding he said he was coming up 2 I think he might be a little older not sure tho, it's always good to find out a bit more about a dog and who bred and stuff, the dog is keen and I have tried him and he will make a good dog with time
  10. Hello lads I have just bought a new dog to run due to my bitch being out of action for a while and I have a pup out of her that is only 8 month old and don't want to spoil, so I bought a saluki bull grey dog he is called chief 29tts, black and white with feathered ears and tail with a big nut lol I was just wandering if anyone knows the dog or knows how he was bred I wanted a little but more info on the dog if anyone knows him here is a pic cheers
  11. Hello lads I have just bought a new dog to run as my bitch is out of action for a while and my pup out of her is only 8 month old and I don't want to spoil him so I went and bought a saluki bull grey dog he's called chief, black and white 29 tts feathered tail and ears with a big nut lol I was just wanting a bit more info on the dog if anyone knows the dog or bred him I bought him from west Auckland the lad had only had him a year here's a pic of him cheers
  12. Dogs i sold were took of people like you that havent got a clue, and i did read your posts all shite, another topic ruined by a keyboard hunter this site should be called bitching life.
  13. John why waste your breath mate hes just one of them lads that just comment on every post to build up there status hes a mega hunter lol no pics on his profile no friends either read his topics mate says hes got a couple of young dogs then asking people about bull x's then says hes asked a man "he has just meet to breed him a puppy " another computer hunter you are offering quality pups to people on here at a fair price good lck
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