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  1. Yea scaffolding mate good job in summer shit in winter did 10 years of if hard graft good luck with new job
  2. I'm not begging mate far from it waited for this dog to go over the right bitch and I will be in a cue and pay same as any other man
  3. Best man won on the night hope Blackwell a speedy recovery
  4. Hope all goes well and she has enough pups as I no there's a list for them don't no were I am on that list lol but I hope she has enough Atb
  5. Lad has seen the dog run he's happy with him so don't see y other people have got to put there 10bobs worth in . And I'm quoting what I've seen of the dog in feild and I don't bullshit either dog is a proper machine he's got strength and speed and there's not a lot that gets away from him happy hunting all
  6. surpose you no the dog then shaaark seen him in the field I bet not don't no y people have to reply with negative comments the dog as probably seen more than any of ur mutts happy hunting fella
  7. Wouldn't mind a bitch out of these but dont mind if I have to take a dog
  8. Like I said in previous post Jerry can run and not just in a straight line seen him drop plenty of gear makes short work of any quarry he's a pleasure to go out with im Deffo having a pup out of this mating both very good dogs
  9. Ive been out with Jerry and let me tell you lads he can run he ain't no sloutc he can shift he's had more game in one season than probably you lot had in ur entire life . So unless u have been out with the dog dont comment on him
  10. Where is it I will buy it
  11. What I've seen of Jerry in the feild he's a very good dog and also a good producer seen some of the pups out of him and there doing well on all
  12. What's bitch called from donny way by any chance
  13. What's bitch called from donny way by any chance
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