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  1. First met Ger over in the welsh game fair years ago,he was an absolute gentleman,RIP Ger
  2. Diesel, lost him 2 years ago, lost his son and daughter this season, only 1 son of his left
  3. Im lucky enough to be in a close enough circle that if i need an extra dog for a season i can get one, it hasn't always been this way but over the last 5 or 6 years when ive bread litters, I've given pups to lads that are willing to help out when needed, ive loaned out a dog to help lads out, these are lads i trust and i can depend on, i would pay for a pup or dog if i realy want it, but not now when lads are taking the piss with the prices they are charging.
  4. I seen on a site on facebook lastnight where people were on about the price of a patterdale pup over in the states, they were saying if the pup is registered it's worth more money, whats the whole idea of being registered?????can anyone on here explain please
  5. Where abouts are you Jetro? I know a lad down in cork that has a litter on the ground and i think he has another bitch due
  6. Any good shows on in April? Thinking of going over and wouldn't mind taking in a show?
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