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  1. Any good shows on in April? Thinking of going over and wouldn't mind taking in a show?
  2. nipper78

    Lisgoold Dog Show

    Who's judging terriers?
  3. nipper78

    Bad run of luck

    Shut up you hillbilly prick
  4. Looking forward to it, should be a good day
  5. Is that pic from a book?
  6. Looking forward to it pat, as I know the lads from Wales will be to
  7. nipper78

    Move To Ireland?

    Plenty game for them
  8. nipper78

    Move To Ireland?

    I'm only out the road from there, what type of hunting are you in to? Good shooting around here
  9. nipper78

    Move To Ireland?

    Fota Island
  10. nipper78

    Move To Ireland?

    What part of cork is the job?
  11. Andy i do t think there doing the meal thus year
  12. nipper78

    Lisgoold Dog Show

    always a good show and for a great cause, who's judging this year?
  13. it was a great show,well done Johnny