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  1. I take it he didn't ear you coming....
  2. I think most lurchers will work ... Out of none working parents .. It's when you ask for that extra graft when the real working blood show... I had it with a Hancock .soon as I stepped his game up ..the brakes come on.....
  3. Allway make me laugh when people start a topic like this ...they get found out and then go silent..
  4. Same as them shite wheaten xs that take 3min to catch a fat rabbit...it never goes out,it can't get past the wall of furry dog shit.Show me this pic of dog shit in my garden haha another silly lie to try for a bite, iv told you play game like an adultman ill entertain you, until then awauy with your silly lies, but stsy fcuk away from my daughters school you wierdoMore than a few members off here, well known ones at that have been in my house, yard kennels an even seen mutts graft haha but you know best, how childish are you hahahaha Katchum kennel set up...haha
  5. Same as them shite wheaten xs that take 3min to catch a fat rabbit...
  6. My sbg with the kids .. Doing well this season but he's running abit hard at things.. Should do well next season with a summer on his back atb
  7. If people still have there pups ... How are they getting on ...atb
  8. buy the sounds of it ..your the only one comparing the two...
  9. How would've a 17 inch bull/ whippet been handy pre ban? Took the words out of my mouth... For one ..that dog wouldn't get near a deer let alone pull one per ban .. And two .. That thing look like it couldn't kill a rat... Let alone a fox .. Haha pre ban
  10. Your radiator could do with a coat of paint ...and you dog bowl could do with a good wash ..atb
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