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  1. bush wacker


    me to I laughed when the lass said £40. ive not long moved back down hear from Stanley durham andwe just gave the kits away up there..but I suppose there's a lot more dogs and ferrets being breed up there that's why the prices are so low.
  2. bush wacker


    cheers for the reply
  3. bush wacker


    I'm just looking for something to get me out mooching about mate.. the prices for a pup down here are well over the top(got offered a ferret for £40 lol) I live about 10 mins walk from hancocks yard any one know how much he charges for a pup now?
  4. bush wacker


    any one around Birmingham way running dogs? looking to get started again after a long time away and struggling to find any pups about.
  5. any pups around the west midlands

  6. bush wacker

    Irish Greyhounds

    The pup im trying to rehome is out of irish dog's
  7. bush wacker


    just about to say that
  8. bush wacker

    Greyhound Bitch Pup Free To Good Home

    just to add she wont be going to any shit bags,
  9. greyhound pup 5 month old,no tats so cant be raced pm for number.im in stanley durham cheers bw
  10. bush wacker

    Building Confidence

    you say up until the past few nights he's been ok, chasing confidently. has he ever made a catch?how long have you been trying him for?
  11. Here's a pic of my bitch put this breeding.25tts just starting her off not the best pic but. .
  12. bush wacker

    Lurcher Bitch .

    did the bull x not make the grade mate? what about the litter the yanky lass just bred?cant beat a collie based lurcher for a bit of lamping/mooching.
  13. bush wacker

    Catch Him!

    its old as f**k been doing the rounds on fb for years.something about he was trying to buy a whippet to use as a bait dog.i think its bull why would you pay -120 that rescues ask when the free ads are full of free dogs?
  14. bush wacker

    Carp Mags Free

    got well over 100 carp mags (carp world crafty carper ect )free to collect im in gateshead need gone by next friday