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  1. foxster

    Springer X Foxhound First Cross

    Had some Welsh x Sringer hounds about 10 year ago. Brought 4 dogs& a bitch from Wales. The dog was big rough like a Welsh, the rest were smooth built like Springer. All turned out excellent hunting dogs but totally mute.
  2. foxster

    Lurcher Lads

    Loads of lurcher& whippet owners in my area.out lamping all the time so not a lot about compared to the70's& 80's.
  3. I have a pup out of the litter. Can honestly say they have been reared perfectly,well fed & used to kids & stock. Anybody that doesn't know HBG he is a genuine dog man,tells it as it is & no bull. They should make decent ratching dogs but obviously nothing guaranteed in this game!
  4. foxster


    March issue of EDRD mate.Various Beagles for sale.S.Yorks.
  5. foxster

    hound insurerance

    Get in touch with SACS.Countryside Alliance are OK untill you want to claim for third party liability.NFU also do cover if you contact them.
  6. foxster

    Tracing Hounds.

    Would they be the hound x lurcher pups, for sale on smoochers by any chance?? Not very good kennel management is it?Accidental mating.
  7. foxster

    Tracing Hounds.

    No not alan and i've never sold a hound before.I'm not after a slanging match,so end of subject.
  8. foxster

    Tracing Hounds.

    Fully agree.As usual with hounds,she had 10 pups,too many for us to keep so some were offered as surplus.Not for big money,wouldn't even cover cost of rearing them.If you care to read,I gave the guy a good 3year old bitch that just didn't fit in with our requirements.
  9. foxster

    Tracing Hounds.

    If you can't say anything useful don't bother replying.
  10. foxster

    Tracing Hounds.

    Can any of you Welsh lads help me trace 2 hound pups. I sold 2 fell hound pups to a welsh guy called Wayne,said he was a keeper near the brecon beacons.This was in October 2007.I also gave him a bitch hound called Holly at the same time.I'm just curious to know how the pups made out & if they are doing any good.I did hear that he had passed them on to a pack down there.Grateful for any info.