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  1. Yeah that's the same dog bud
  2. Thanks folk's,sorry I have no more 'likes' available today but rest assured I appreciate all your kind words ..Young Lucky on the beach this morning
  3. Couple of pics of my son's two lurchers this morning when I had them out,the older one is Roxy (dam to my two Bear & Rose) she's a 5/8 Grey x 3/8 Bull the younger animal is Lucky,she's just a pup again out of Roxy,she was the sole puppy in the litter,her sire is a dog called Thor & he like Roxy being a 5/8 Grey 3/8 Bull so obviously that's what Lucky is too.. Lucky will be starting her working life just now,she's been very immature but in the past fortnight the change in her has to be seen to be believed,the switch is firmly on now & she will 100% do all & everything put in fro
  4. Yeah,I'm up there all the time bud,just back a few days ago from my most recent trip
  5. On another note here,cold pressed dog food,anyone feed it? How are you finding it? Pro's & Con's? .. online reviews seem very positive but I'd be interested to hear about how working dog's fare on it..cheers in advance folk's..thankyou
  6. Yeah I agree matey,in the dead of winter when the dog's are hard at it,the weather is harsh I think the High Maintenance food is top class,yes it's 32% Protein & 20% fat I think but the dog's hold their condition well,they recover from their exertions quickly & the dog's love it..I think it's very good for the money & it's made entirely in the UK which is better still ..the Racer is cracking scran too,I must admit I do like the Alpha range of dog food
  7. I do run rough ground in the main mate but unbelievably both dog's suffered their breaks on ground far from rough,you couldn't make it up because some of the ground I work them on is bordering on suicidal then when you think it'll be a relatively easy & a safe day's hunting the worst case scenarios happen..you just never know the minute mate,a guy told me over 40 year's ago that every slip you give the dog can be it's last & he ain't wrong I do know that much
  8. Safe running matey,have a great season & I hope you make plenty of memories with your runner's
  9. This is Bear..even after having a broken neck he's still capable of doing almost everything he could before his accident..it's just the smaller ground game he isn't as nimble at picking up as he was prior to breaking his neck but he can still run ok,jumping etc is all good too ..he's a beautiful dog in all aspects,never seen a dog with such a lovely temperament as him,not a bit of aggression in the dog but in the field he'd take on a lion & the rest of the pride too all at the same time I know nigh on every lurcherman wouldn't own him as he is after such an injury & being honest back
  10. Yeah,all as good thing's can be I guess just now Jack,hope everything is ok with you fella?
  11. This is Rose & the break she suffered earlier this year..
  12. I still have a team of lurchers (cripples & pensioner's) just! I'm down to the 4 lurchers now,old Don is still here with me,he will be 14 on his next birthday,Boots will be 10 year's old come the 1st October & I have his two pup's as I call them although they will be 4 year's old next week on the 9th September,Bear broke his neck a long while back now & unbelievably he fractured another bone in his neck back in February whilst out working,he must be one of very few dog's that's broken his neck twice & is still alive,he's ok again now,not great but just ok,his sister Rose snappe
  13. Bill owned some great working dog's back in the day,top dogman who tested his stock to the hilt..very knowledgeable man when it comes to working dog's,he may no longer be out running the dog's but he achieved more than most when he did,a fellow hunter who I have always respected & looked up to regarding his accomplishments out in the field with his dog's
  14. Good luck with the new recruit..it's a wee belter!!
  15. Eukanuba takes beating,dogs seem to thrive on it in my opinion,great coats,firm stools etc..Proctor & Gamble make the food along with several other well known brands like IAMS etc with it being produced in Holland..as for the rest which there are many i would personally choose Alpha above any other,there is quite a selection from Alpha whatever the workload you give your dog be it a lot or not so much,they cover both ends of that and everything in between too..the Alpha puppy food is superb and for the hard working dogs the High Maintenance is brilliant and i can hand on heart say at least
  16. Bill Doherty has wrote some fantastic books too,like Phil he's been there & got the T-Shirt..love his style of writing
  17. Aye,the man is as keen as anyone I know to be honest Taff & most importantly to me he's honest & trustworthy,that's why I've always got on well with him as I know you do too,honesty & trust goes a long way with me,especially in our game..hope you & the family plus the team of lads are all doing good let everyone know I was asking after them please,I'll 100% get myself off my rear end and come see y'all..some of the best day's of my life have been in the company of you both with the mongrels & in the pub too ..like I said about JD all of you there are top notch,honest as
  18. Fair play bud,I have my personal favourites of JD's books & although I enjoy a read of them all the 'Of Dog's & Deer' is a totally unique & brilliant book in my opinion
  19. Plenty of bad ones too trust me the old dog is fast closing in on retirement & I've decided we'll call it a day together it's been a great journey but both his & my body are as good as f###ed matey unfortunately.
  20. Aye got a mention or three bud,I always say I'll do something when I retire & that day isn't far away trust me
  21. Received the latest offerings regarding books through the post today by Darcy,In Pursuit of the Largest & Now That's What I Call Lurcherwork IV..I haven't read them from front to back as I've been on a 350 mile trip out with the dog today,but read a couple of chapters from each book now I'm sat down for the day & I've really enjoyed what I've read & seen so far..I'm known to take the micky out of JD but I will always be honest about things & what I will say is the books are well worth adding to your collection,for the money they are brilliant! Hope those that have them on order
  22. Having hunted for many years with JD & seeing his dog's in action all over the country & further afield too I have no doubt his new writing's will be worth a read..he puts in the hard miles season after season to work,test his own pooches plus the dog's of other like-minded enthusiastic owners who he walks out with throughout the winter month's too..he's a honest,genuine sound lad & he's one of less than a handful in this world who I would entrust with my life if it came down to that..the books will be worthy of a place on the bookshelf I'm sure of that
  23. Almost 13 year's since I joined this forum,it's great to see that topics such as this are still just as prevalent today as they were then ..the old desert dawg's,like marmite some love em,most hate em that's just how it is ..good to see people's views regarding them especially those that have ran them..I'm not going to lie I hated them,I seen dozens run back in the mid to late 80's & 90's there wasn't a single one of them that was even bad,they were ALL utter sh##e!! Why were the ones I seen so poor? Has the genepool dramatically improved? I don't honestly know? Roll forward a quarter of
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