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  1. Hey Timmy, I'll go have a look I was also looking at the Webley en4orcer. What's going on with all these Artemis rifles?
  2. Hey guys, what do you all think the best value PCP below £500 is as I am looking to get back into shooting?
  3. Lol funny I just got that treereeper well no bigger than 5mm lol
  4. Turns out it's the pellets, gunsmith used jsbs and got a group of around 3mm at 15yards.. Schoolboy error on my part Atb Nick
  5. Sorted school boy error on my part. The gun likes jsb Exacts lol The gunsmith shot a group at 15 yards the size of the group was 5mm Atb Nick
  6. Oh deary.me.. We ain't all wizx kids with camera phones?
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