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  1. never had anything like that myself but ken gould has a full fox mounted very similar if not more white
  2. proof is in the pudding as they say if they do there intended job for you they are good dogs . look good to me
  3. beaut that bitch cocker and ped to match
  4. here we go so original havnt seen that before on a golly topic derrr
  5. Cheers 99 but as I said its not through neglecting her early training etc . she was through sheep ever day as a pup . I always put a lot of time and effort into the early stages of a pups life . I suppose they have to make mistakes to learn you have a problem when they never learn . I will let you know how I go on 99
  6. basically what I was trying to get at is the lads with the golly bred reece bred animals find them hard work breaking them to stock no matter how much work you put in to them they get to an age were they seem to think everythings fair game cows horses you name it very head strong
  7. she will get her chance to make amends . I will be working on it this week as long as she realises she made the mistake we will stay friends lol
  8. did the dog see a few in its time
  9. ye know what youre saying bird and agree but some breeds are more prone than others are they not
  10. I will have her out on a long rope and get right through them again and put her straight but its the trust thing now you always feel they have done it once at some stage they will do it again. if I was to drive on I wouldn't do much as its mainly sheep country up here no what you mean though better save than sorry that's why I put a lot in as a youngster . the nature of the beast I suppose
  11. Right lads the inevitable has happened . went for my usual daily walk over the fields bull x in tow she was doing her normal stuff mooching about as we approached the flock of sheep that she has seen and passed walked through since the age of ten weeks with no problem what so ever today was the day the red mist descended and she decided she was having a taste . I always feel its only a matter of time with certain lines of the bulls . pisses you off though when it happens especially when you have purposely put a lot of time and effort in for those reasons . nothing to do with boredom out every
  12. Glad hes started well for you and showing promise prove some of the doubters wrong good luck for the future with him
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