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  1. Is anybody selling a locator box?
  2. Is the buffalo river lithium battery 12 v 4a any good from ebay for about £30
  3. Is there any good websites for buyin raw meat?
  4. Mine hasnt yet i havent been out yet just want to give my dogs that bit extra fitness cant expect my sister to keep walking them
  5. My dogs are still gettin out just not enough for my liking
  6. I had an accident and cant walk or i would still be out walking for a few hours a day me and my dogs were fit before i had the accident
  7. Is running a dog on a tredmill any good? Cheers
  8. Is [NO TEXT TALK] sellin a lure for coursing?
  9. Does [NO TEXT TALK] make these in uk not to expensive?
  10. Does [NO TEXT TALK] no where i can buy the rollers to make my own mil? Cheers
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