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  1. Ive reported him to Paulus for threatening to show me his manky fingers! It’s not acceptable.
  2. Socks is a f***ing mod!? Christ, it’s worse than I thought! Does he have enough fingers left to operate the ban button?
  3. I know what you mean, and have seen it a ton. However I do think with a bit of experience you can 'enter' pups and progress them under a watchful eye and with a lot of thought on how they are handling it and what they are ready for. Biggest mistake imo with young dogs is retrieving too soon or too often with them. If the control is only 90% then retrieving will be the beginning of a downward spiral to despair imo. So many people with only so-so understanding of what's going on in their dogs head would do so much better to just never allow their dog to touch a bird. But for some reason the
  4. Dunno if katch has gone but shame if so.
  5. f***ing hell, what’s going on in my absence!? Promotions and P45s all over the place is it?
  6. If it was a false flag then I’d expect they’d have done a proper job. Lumped a strategic target in Poland to make a no questions article 5 response. I suppose you shouldn’t trust any politician really, especially one running a state on state war.
  7. Highly doubt it was shot in anger. All missile types suffer guidance failures. I strongly suspect it’s just a stray. A Syrian one landed in Cyprus some time ago recently.
  8. Don’t ask born hunter, he’s busy as f**k. Feels like I’m currently having to spin plates for at least 9 billion fuckers!
  9. It’s hard to find because he had a terrible sense of direction. Legend has it he entered the m25 one day and had been missing since!
  10. Ive always kept a healthy margin between income and outgoings so I can manage this but it did make me wince. My fixed rate went from 1.79% to 5.39%! Wish I had fixed for ten years when I took that 1.79%!
  11. On a similar note, I’ve just remortgaged…. Jesus Christ! I predict a housing crisis as many folks can’t manage the hike.
  12. Falconers first into action is great. Don camsell’s black water is decent and shorter too. Both did stints with 14 int.
  13. Only four rabbits… Hardly worth posting!
  14. Packham is fieldsports most wanted.
  15. About to say exactly that. We can't mine or drill for hydrogen. It's an interesting solution to a few problems but it's only half of it. Governments will just tax hydrogen fuel, or whatever they want to. I mean the consequences are an even bigger deficit and even worse fiscal turmoil. Big oil, is only in oil because it's where the money is, as soon as realistic movement is detected towards anything else they'll transform. They will follow the money, they couldn't give a f**k if that comes from the black stuff.
  16. It does. It's very interesting the anecdotal experiences being shared about this carnivore diet. First impressions was that it was another 'extreme' Instagram fad diet/movement. But there seems to be more too it. From an evolutionary point of view it kinda makes sense to me, but I think mainstream nutritional scientists would have sleepless nights over it. Not for me really. I don't eat any of the staple carby foods that people use as a cheap calorie filler, rice, pasta, potato. But I don't think I'm ready to give up what I do eat. "no discipline!"
  17. That's interesting. Do you think the energy side is because you're basically keto so it's flattened out your bodies delivery of energy to a steady flow. Or do you think it's something inherent about flesh?
  18. Two cool things I've seen recently while out in the field. First, while away roe buck stalking, last light had gone and my mate was cooking tea on the tailgate while I brewed up and started setting camp for the few hours until we would be away for the morning stalk. I was looking at the sky when a meteor about cut it in half! It was so big and bright it left a visible vapour trail in the night sky. Second was about a month ago, I watched a munty literally chase a fox across two grass fields until I lost sight of it. It was probably 5 yards behind this fox the whole time.
  19. It's not rocket science. A 22 is a rabbit gun, and there are f**k all rabbits...
  20. Born Hunter


    I also believe that it’s not well understood by the medical profession.
  21. Born Hunter


    Chronic fatigue syndrome? Dated a girl with it years ago. I think the worst aspect of it is not being able to explain to people why you’re having to cancel plans because most people don’t understand. I think that psychological aspect is the worst part. Takes a lot of understanding from friends and family.
  22. Shroom: "Now, I don't want any bollocks, this is very serious" The entire internet: "hold my beer!"
  23. I read that yesterday! A massive failure of government upon a history of failures regarding Chinese espionage.
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