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  1. AndyKelly

    Hunting Life Member Attacked.

    is the estate that you are on about the one in muggleswick owned by herman the german as its the nearest one to edmundbyre but no where near where the assault took place and i cant see how people from there could comment as they were no where near at the time of the assault is them the farmers representatives that are talking about because if so ill let mike the cid officer no tomorrow and ill get the correct fact sent over to them
  2. AndyKelly

    Hunting Life Member Attacked.

    and according to the villagers that i regually talk to it was even brought up at the pact meeting with the police as they were that infuriated that it had happened
  3. AndyKelly

    Hunting Life Member Attacked.

    what farmers representatives....................i ferret for landowners and i dont see anyone else are you sure its not poachers or people getting the story wrong? every one of the people i go to will tell you what happened someone is looking in the wrong place i can assure you
  4. AndyKelly

    Hunting Life Member Attacked.

    they said it was a problem with there system
  5. AndyKelly

    Hunting Life Member Attacked.

    they were supposed to have done that in december i have just spoke to them and if you look now they have removed it i didnt realise that it was still on
  6. AndyKelly

    Hunting Life Member Attacked.

    yes that why im upset i have done nothing wrong i was the victim of a nasty assault and people from all round the country are trying to prove me wrong
  7. AndyKelly

    Hunting Life Member Attacked.

    any other question i can help you with?
  8. AndyKelly

    Hunting Life Member Attacked.

    all the villagers no try david anderson, kieth anderson and brian anderson, brian;s wife jo i think she is called, mike hodgson, bob matthews, anita holmes they have all phoned me over the last few weeks to ask how my recovery is going
  9. AndyKelly

    Hunting Life Member Attacked.

    that is only one copy of the front of the report the police have the other and its confidential as they have said i cant show it
  10. AndyKelly

    Hunting Life Member Attacked.

    and belive you me i would not ruin my reputation for the sake of a few quid, i have worked dammed hard over the years to build up something good and someone is out to wreck it be it permission or net making
  11. AndyKelly

    Hunting Life Member Attacked.

    i will let you all no as soon as i get the go ahead from durham constabulary as at the minute i feel the attackers are possibly somewhere on here and there trying to get info before the police arrests. my medical records and police report and all the appropriate documents are filed with the relevant authority's and was documented within a few hours of me coming home
  12. AndyKelly

    Hunting Life Member Attacked.

    I worked on the estate as a gamekeeper for 6 years where this happened and still keep in touch with the keepers and locals in edmundbyers on a regular basis. None of the locals have mentioned it and I can asure you that 1 of the keepers wasn't atacked at gun point! The bit about a gamekeeper going out on a quad to look for him is an absolute lie! Looks like these pair are at it! Theres a couple of farmers that it could be that gave him permission, all of which I know very well, would love to find out which 1 so I could ask him personally! it wasnt a gamekeeper it was the local villagers the gamekeeper or what i thought a gamekeeper came from the other side of derwent on a quad, i have permission and it was a farm in edmundbyre where the attack took place. the police have warrants out and the arrests of 2 suspects is imminent, i have been through hell the last 5 weeks, have more medical records and other info but the police tell me what i can and cant say, i am stuck between a rock and a hard place here as there is a deliberate attempt to sully me and my reputation. the farmer was david anderson and he was in cumbria when the attack took place and tonya phoned him and he got his father and other people to go and find me. the extra bag of ferreting gear was taken to another farmers house to the dogs and the ferrets so i didnt get to the house till mid january to check what was missing out of that bag tonya reported it to the police as soon as i came home on the wedensday and i made a full statement to the police at 10.30 the next morning
  13. AndyKelly

    Hunting Life Member Attacked.

    oh here we go again..................andy went out on the 8th december was attacked and left for dead in a field we noticed the first lot of stuff had been taken and listed it on here, a farmer had some of his stuff that was laying around the field and it was not until the beginning of january i could arrange to go to edmundbyre to see what the farmer had and what was missing as he had the stuff for a few weeks and i couldnt see what was missing here is a copy of his medical records and you can read the report in the countrymans weekly with the crime number and the contact details for the police.the police are interviewing a suspect for assaulting andy that was given to the police after the appeal early in the month. in the last 5 weeks i have nursed him back to health and feel sick to my stomach that people could doubt this has happened.i no in today's society people doubt but i have no doubt i have lived through this nightmare we could only release or talk about what the police have let us as they are still investigating this and the case is ongoing.sorry for the rant and to all the people who care thank you ................tonya
  14. AndyKelly

    Hunting Life Member Attacked.

    update............................police are interviewing a suspect tomorrow and andy will have to go and do a video identity parade. the person has been identified by an anonymous caller to the police. the money raised by the kind people on here has replaced his ferret finder and cameras, and other bits of ferreting gear that was taken so he is ready to go............................ and today, with a friend he has gone out ferreting, though my heart is in my mouth and im worried sick i know that he has to get back to something he enjoys thank you each and every one of you as without your kind donations we would have had a struggle over christmas all the best to each and every one of you tonya
  15. AndyKelly

    Ferreting Partner Needed

    its edmundbyres mate dh8 if you google it