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Found 21 results

  1. Hi! I am looking to collect some game feathers from local shoots (Oxfordshire) for crafting purposes. I know eBay and other sites sell them but not in the quantity I need. Can anyone point me in the right direction? I am willing to go and pick them up. Many Thanks!
  2. Hi, I am a Design student at Loughborough University and I am designing a product that will be used to give landowners and Gamekeepers in the UK more security against poachers. I just have a couple of questions that I would like to ask that will help me significantly with the research. It would be great to get some feedback from you! Thanks -How does poaching occur on your land? -What do you find to be the best defense against Poachers?
  3. I found. Two dead poults near two different drinkers. There was a little bit of blood on a feeder near on of them. Both show no signs of be predated upon no sign of disease. No discharge nothing the waters where cleaned two days ago but these are the first dead birds I have found in the pen. Usually I'd take them to the vet to get checked but the boss doesn't wanna do that so are there any other signs that could point to a disease ect ??
  4. Hello My name is Paul, i am 20 years old and i am from Grimsby in Lincolnshire. I have recently had an interview for a Gamekeeping Apprenticeship at Bishop Burton college in Yorkshire and I have been offered a place so long as i can find employment but being in the north east Lincolnshire area Gamekeepers seem to be few and far between, i have contacted the major local estate (brocklesby estate which is owned by the Earl of Yarborough) and some smaller estates ran by farmers and the only replies i seem to be getting are "we aren't looking to employ anyone else" which is fair enough but also rather disappointing but hey, what can you do. I am posting here to see if there are any people out there that may know someone that could take me on or actually take me on themselves in or around the Grimsby area?(30 mile radius) I have experience in: - organised shoots as I was a beater at my local shoot (no gamekeeper, it is ran by volunteers) - pest control as I often shoot pigeons and rabbits for the local farmer. - Handling rifles and shotguns I can drive so transport is no problem. I am looking to work within a 25-30 mile radius of Grimsby. The employer has a possibility of gaining a £1500 grant if they take me on which is provided by the college (the government have the final say however as it goes through them + Terms and conditions apply) I am willing to do trial runs I can do voluntary work to gain experience. If there is anyone out there that will be able to help me it would be more than appreciated. If anyone has any offers or information then please contact me via my email - Pldiplock@gmail.com
  5. This is one of the latest films i did for angus moorland group. We tried to show in the film the education behind gamekeeping and the young people that want to become gamekeepers and what drives them. Let me know what you think. Very excited to be making more of these throughout the year.
  6. Hello all, my name is Stewart, I live in Angus county, Scotland at the present moment in time, I absolutely love stalking to bits, I have experience working on stalking estates, and the main species being managed on those estates is red deer, I also have experience with grouse, partridge and pheasants. I have my Firearms and Shotgun Licence, and also have a clean driving license and have been passed for 2 years. Recently turned 19 years old, looking for a start as an Estate under/beat/trainee stalker/gamekeeper preferably, but would strongly consider other opportunities in Deer management if seen advertised or offered, prepared to move to any location for a chance in this line of work !!! I have a CV with great references
  7. Hi... we are looking to volunteer in the local area in conservation or anything that can help in this area of interest and we would appreciate if anyone has any knowledge which they wouldn't mind forwarding here? Thank you.
  8. Hi I don't suppose anybody in the mid devon area (crediton, yeoford, copplestone, spreyton, bow) has a magpie I could have? Thanks
  9. Dear one & all, I am currently looking for some work experience within conservation or gamekeeping within Northampton area ideally near Boughton because I currently do not drive. I am currently studying at Moulton College and doing a course in Countryside Management, and am going onto a HE course in September, and would like to increase my practical knowledge before I start. So if anyone could help me out I would be very thankful. Regards Jack
  10. Hi there, I am in the process of applying for my shotgun and firearms certificates and have a few air rifles but have been around the sport and lifestyle my entire life, and I'm keen to get involved further, so I'm offering my services for free help with beating, gamekeeping, pest control etc. I don't have much experience at the moment but I pick things up quickly and enjoy learning about all aspects of the outdoors lifestyle. I'm a 24 year old economics student with a lot of free time, both weekdays and weekends and I live in Morpeth, Northumberland so if there's anyone relatively near requiring any help, get in touch here and I'd be happy to lend a hand, I'm not scared of a days hard work and I don't mind getting my hands dirty either Cheers, John.
  11. Hi All Was wondering if anyone had any advice for good crops to grow on wetter lands? Have several pieces of land to put crops in for game crop , was wondering if any one had experience or advice on what crops are best to put in this type of ground to grow good game crops? Look forward to any tips/ advice Thanks
  12. I help out on a small d I y shoot in north wales,I've noticed just lately there's been no squirrels about. Normally at this time of year we can shoot about half a dozen every time we go out. Just wondered if anyone else is the same???.
  13. hi, i am 16 going on 17 and ive helping out on 2 local shoots everyday i could for the past 3 years i am looking for a keepering apprenticeship i have loads of keepering experiance ranging from. partridge pheasant rearing trapping fox snairing improving drives shoot managment managing beating line and more please pm more for a more detailed description and also my cv i also have a snairing certificate pa1 sprayers pa6 sprayers subsillary L3 countryside managment deploma shotgun liceance and a pending firearms certificate
  14. £1 per advert, offer for 1 month! Get your advert seen by over 2296 NEW VISITORS so far this year! 5762 new visitors last year! Just £1 for a 6 month advert! Offer ends 12th April 2013 Just Visit secondhandgamekeepingequipment.co.uk
  15. hi, i am 16 going on 17 and ive helping out on 2 local shoots everyday i could for the past 3 years i am looking for a keepering apprenticeship i have loads of keepering experiance ranging from. partridge pheasant rearing trapping fox snairing improving drives shoot managment managing beating line and more please pm more for a more detailed description and also my cv i also have a snaring certificate pa1 sprayers pa6 sprayers subsillary L3 countryside managment deploma shotgun liceance and a pending firearms certificate
  16. I am wanting to become a gamekeeper and get into that life. I will do any beating or picking up help with any rearing or virmin control any conservation work i just want to get some hands on work with some gamekeepers i will do any voulntry work or an apprenticeship can anybody help me please will much respect it thanks jake
  17. Secondhandgamekeepingequipment.co.uk shge.co.uk for short This is a new website on which gamekeepers can either advertise their unwanted equipment or browse for second hand equipment to purchase. The aim is to connect gamekeepers throughout the UK so that equipment can be exchanged and thus efficiency of all businesses improved. Anyone looking for, or wanting to sell any items should find this site easy to use and extremely cost effective. This site is specifically dedicated to gamekeeping so neither seller nor buyer can be distracted by irrelevant items which have no bearing on their business. Go on have a look! 2 weeks free advertising, started 19th April 2012.
  18. Does anybody know of any body who offers gamekeeping courses for over 18's or anything alike? Either part time or Full time. Does such a thing exist? Really interesting in taking up a course.
  19. Hi there! Im 29 currently studying Countryside&Game and i have full UK driving licence, experience in keepering i.e; feeding, rearing, vermin control, pen building, doging in ect.ect. i also have experience in ATV and Tractors and awaiting my tests,i have a child and a partner who are willing to relocate any where in the UK if nessesary. email me for CV referances availible too. Thanks for taking the time out to read this. Craig
  20. hello, im looking to do a 1 years work placement on a grouse moor. i have experience and am very passionate about grouse and deer. i have a composed a letter detailing all the relevent information. i would be very grateful if i could have a response.if anyone knows of a position going or anywhere willing to take me on please reply. many thanks wreast
  21. Game & Wildlife Conservation Trust are running a 3-day course for p/t keepers this month - info below from their website: This course has gone from strength to strength over the years, filling the needs of part-time gamekeepers, both amateur and professional. This three-day course takes place annually in the Autumn at our Fordingbridge headquarters in Hampshire and is run by our advisors Mike Swan, Alex Butler and Henrietta Appleton. This year's course will take place from 23rd to 25th September. Full of practical advice and tips on game management and keepering, topics will include: Improvement of farm and woodland game habitat. Practical predator control. Releasing pheasants and partridges. Feeding game in winter and spring. Flight pond construction and management. Nesting and brood-rearing habitat. Deer management. Game crops and agri-environment schemes. Game shoot economics and the organisation of a shoot day. http://www.gwct.org.uk/support_us/attend_an_event/search_for_an_event/3061.asp
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