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  1. fair enough but i would of thought one or the other would have been good enough if a few decoys were spread around it as well. I've found a very good owl decoy for a cheap price and the owls head moves in the wind. Owl decoy <-- Link to it for anyone interested
  2. Haha Very good idea! I was just looking at owl decoys now but a cat never crossed my mind. One question though, why both?
  3. It's got to that time when I need to buy some more cartridges, i was just interested to see what everyone's suggestions were for an economical cartridge for walking around doing some rough shooting (not "game", just vermin). I've been using Hull superfast but i'm up for a change. I would like to try some of "Proper cartridges" cartridges but where i am it's very hard to get hold of them... I know this will cause a lot of discussion but you don't learn by not asking questions... Cheers - Max
  4. 2 problems with that; 1. A fox isn't going in my freezer 2. I've already shot all the foxes on my land so i won't be able to get my hands on one
  5. By the way, i got the idea when i saw one for sale as a decoy (that was plastic) in countrywide but i didn't dance paying there price either...
  6. Cheers for the help everyone! But after doing some research I've been advised not to get a resin one as they're "very fragile". The One, i like your idea but i think if i can get my hands on a life size fox it will be much better. So... anyone got any more ideas?
  7. Hi there, I've been looking for a plastic fox decoy to use when crow shooting but so far i haven't been able to find one. Just wondered if anyone new where i could get my hands on one for a reasonable price within England? Cheer - Max
  8. When i bought it didn't come with it but did with the pump so...
  9. BSA Scorpion SE Beech Multishot .22 S/H PCP with Nikko Stirling mountmaster scope 3-9x40. Cirencester Area £450. Optional extra fill pump with BSA adaptor for £ (Silencer not included, muzzle break will be fitted) (That scope is not in the deal but is available if prefered)
  10. Im going to go for a 97, just fallen in love with it really. Just need to sell some of my guns and bits and pieces and aquire some funds now.
  11. That's very useful, thanks. Also thanks to everyone, all knowledge is accepted here. Lol
  12. Thanks both of you I must say, even before i posted this question i was leaning towards a 97 over the Imp. Just wanted to see what other peoples opinions were.
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