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  1. what calibre is this please? my uncles after a 177. atb Mick
  2. not mine mate, started her about 13/14 months.. missed a few, steamin in 100mph at everything and over running a lot. fast and agressive but superb to watch! atb
  3. thanks mate she has, she's sired by khan jihad she's deffinatley got the saluki feet. atb
  4. cracking cross, this is my bitch 20 months old shes shaping up well. Fast and aggressive bitch she gives 110%. Saluki x whippet/grey my mate ran a bitch of exact same breeding for years she was a special dog.. shes 12 now and living the sofa life. atb
  5. my bitch is sired by khan jihad aswell matey so maybe in the blood! atb with her
  6. Lady.. if shes anything like my saluki x. i need an umbrella to escort her to the field when its raining. shes a snob! atb
  7. personally mate with my labrador it was very easy all of the above achieved results and i thought i was cesar milan. i got myself a saluki x and my theories were shattered. by 9 months you will know your dog well just dont get frustrated and do what you think is right. the phase will pass. atb mate
  8. i hope they find good homes mate.. all the best
  9. hows the dog in the first picture bred, looks a very nice type Thanks,her dam was 1st x wheaten /greyhound and her sire was 3/4 greyhound 1/4 bull shes a belter mate looks a right warrior
  10. my mates saluki x whippet/grey took them mate years ago but not regular and she took some stick. if thats your regular thing there are better suited dogs. atb mate
  11. shes a cracker mate lovely looking dog. thats mine in my avatar. shes 23" saluki x whippet/grey. atb with her mate
  12. hope all is well mate good luck with the pups
  13. nice one mate i hope they all turn out healthy strong pups
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