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  1. wanted two puppy jabs pref in kent area or must be able to post
  2. yes my dog and pup from previous litter was stolen between 8pm last night to 11 am today .. been made to hot to handle and was dumped in next county and picked up by dog warden ... once again the dirty f***ing scummy dog thieves get away with it once again
  3. newkids calostamy cider lol [for anyone whos been in thl charity fishing match lol ]
  4. i sent a wheaton bitch back to ireland a few months back wasnt asked about chip or jabs and that was by a greyhound courier
  5. Ive got the sire to this pup and in the right hands should make a great dog
  6. it also blends in with the wifes jumper lol
  7. Phil that is cass my 10 year old bitch the mother to your pup
  8. haha the trent lol kev do you want the maggot clip ? get ya own lol
  9. dont listen to dippy as you all know how slow he is hes not got a clue what hes on about
  10. ffs i was in romford yesterday if only id seen this before today
  11. iworkwhippets been enjoying pics of this black dog for a while now how old would it be now
  12. kevin lol yes mate il be there lol .. are we going on ossies secret river he keeps on about ? lol
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