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  1. lodgesmith

    angel of the north

    whats up with him
  2. lodgesmith

    angel of the north

    what dogs for sale
  3. lodgesmith

    angel of the north

  4. lodgesmith

    angel of the north

    she is turning out to be outstanding bitch at 11 months old and getting better every day
  5. lodgesmith

    new kennel

    nice job like to see it when you finish it mate
  6. lodgesmith

    angel of the north

    Bitch is ( spinner)sire(tevez)
  7. lodgesmith

    angel of the north

    she 11 months mate
  8. lodgesmith

    angel of the north

    Granddaughter of fettle angel of the north 11 months old
  9. lodgesmith

    angel of the north

    busy trying mate will proberly wait till wife comes in not much good at this sort of thing
  10. lodgesmith

    angel of the north

    Just while your talking about fettlle i got a granddaughter of her last xamas .What a pain in the arse for the first 10 months but now turning into proper gooden hard job not to spoil her to early everything she see she wants.She looks alot like her grandmother.The father of my bitch is owned by hammy
  11. lodgesmith


    Has anyone got a picture of his dog. this is a long shot .hes the son of (fettle) saluk/deerhound/greyhound northumberland area.he was sold £1700 gust before xmas this could be bullshit i dont know does anyone pay such a high price for a dog
  12. lodgesmith


    Was working the dogs with the combines in the rape feilds yesturday.Can not beleive the amount foxs each feild where producing and the amount of cubs 13 in all and a good amount of rabbits .Waiting for the call to start again today
  13. lodgesmith


    Can someone please tell me how to put photos on
  14. lodgesmith

    carf milk

    Got a 5 kilo bag of carf milk supplement justs open .Dog will not take it shame to waste it free to anyone who can pick it up pm please.