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  1. I have a GWP - they are nesh and will tackle anything if you want them to. Basically what Sirius said. by the way they are no slower than a GSP. Crossing a vizla would produce much the same as a lot of the HPR bloodlines overlap. I don't think you get as much fire from a viz as you would from a GWP.
  2. me too - either that or i was going to suggest a box of swan vestas for 50p
  3. Post this letter up - this smells fishy
  4. Meeks - can I send your picture into National Geographic?
  5. Some good looking dawgs there RSA. The black one at the bottom has a good length of back to it. Bloody illegal immigrant dogs - coming over here with their beddy whippets - killing all our witches and red stags.
  6. i thought i covered my arse by saying "etc"
  7. Oi you muppets that's not the point of this thread. I just wondered if the dawn raiders were having more success now than back in the day when you could walk all day and if that's because the hares are better when warmed up by the sun etc
  8. No no no no no - i am not asking if lamping is easier than daytime - i am asking if first thing in the morning is easier than lunchtime.
  9. Genuine question so don't bother coming out all guns blazing: Given that hares are generally nocturnal and crepuscular and that in the past they were run during normal daylight hours rather than early doors - do you think they run as well? Do you think that more people are able to do big numbers because of the time of day - maybe the hares are cold first thing, maybe they graze during the day, maybe they have less energy first thing? or are they performing just as well? or are dogs improving? or something else like my imagination?
  10. givve us a shout if there is space for Rooster to have a run
  11. Rooster is flying too. will get some pics up from Sunday
  12. no - that doesnt work on this land - take it as tried and tested - this method works best for that land and what i want the dog to do. This has resulted in the fact that he will now break off running after one as he has learnt that he will not be able to grab it when he gets to it so concentrates better on me and other things. It's also handy if you bump into someeone and they say - "i just saw your dog chasing a deer" if the dogs muzzled you can explain that I am desperate not to hurt any wildlife and that they really don't need to call plod. like i said for this patch of land it works and he
  13. Muzzled because there are a lot of fallow deer in that area and occasional ramblers.
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