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  1. AlfieR

    Russian Military Gorka

    Is it an all in one suit?
  2. AlfieR

    Hunting Austria (Vienna)

    Hello guys am currently working in and around Vienna I would love to get out for any form of hunting, shooting, running dogs literally anything can return the favor with a truck full of fire wood cheers
  3. I'm working over here would love to get out if anyone is shooting or any form Of hunting cheers
  4. AlfieR


    Hey guys am working out here in Vienna on the trees, is anyone on here running dogs?? I've seen all sorts out in the feild would love to tag along cheers
  5. AlfieR

    Lurcher Pup For Sale

    Is pup sti their?
  6. Anybody no what the weathers like at the yorkshire game fair or wat it's looking like tomoz?
  7. AlfieR

    Pickering Game Fair

    Any 1 got a post code?
  8. I had a great day at the show some cracking dogs their didn't do to bad with my bull x either
  9. As it says on the title or a full bellman and flint set up not looking to pay through my nose tho cheers
  10. Hello guys am after a beddy whip pup or something that's already going this is for my little brother for him to start and have ago himself so if started would have to have all the right manners good on lead ect, would consider a smallish bull whip aswell nearest to north west as poss
  11. AlfieR

    Beddlington Whippet Pups

    Where abouts are you?
  12. AlfieR

    Digging Dog.

    Dog still their?
  13. AlfieR

    Digging Dog.

    Dog still their?