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  1. Haha, I have two Sako Quads and understand that sentiment. I've handled annies and CZ's but they just don't come close for me, something about the flush five round mag and almost silent safety but also how the bolt snugs up as it locks. I have a heavy HMR barrel, 16" sporter HMR barrel, and a very short .22LR barrel. One of the HMR's wears a dedicated home brew NV rig on it which is how I got a second HMR allowed. I'm slightly dyslexic and can't quite get my head around if you might buy the rifle or not. If you do, and decide against using or buying the WMR barrel please get in touch - my
  2. Good to see someone else shooting from an X-Trail. I made up a little clamp for the drivers door mirror bracket that works just right for me as my perms are grazing and I just point the car where it places the HMR in about the right position. Using a roof mount thermal spotter with a 7" monitor in the car helps with that. It's the sonic crack that confuses bunnies because they can't source the crack like they can with air or .22LR. I've had some multi-shot follow on's with mine when the opportunity presents, keeping in mind I'm fully rested in the driving seat or out the sunroof, I'
  3. I think yellow is easier on the eye than white - which might be due to white having more glare so we squint slightly.
  4. And that applies to Canada Geese too does it - or just roosting birds?
  5. We did apparently. https://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/2020/04/20/exclusivemillions-pieces-ppe-shipped-britain-europe-despite/
  6. Given the virus MIGHT have been deliberately slipped out - which government wouldn't have that possibility in the back of their mind - bearing in mind that Corbyn and Abbut din't get elected.
  7. The stay at home rule but you can overrule it for this that and another reason is badly thought out. The rule would be mush more realistic if it were 'stay away from other people if you go out'
  8. Don't be tempted to leave any crops in there a bit longer than needed. My experience has been that grass dwelling insects eat into and lay eggs in your root crops if they are planted in borders for example. I subsequently read that growing crops near grass is not a good idea and now only grow veg in containers on the border which is gradually getting slabbed over when i find any slabs being offered free locally.
  9. I should have used a smiley face, sorry,
  10. They're about to ban all meetings of over 100 people round here - except the mosques.
  11. Would you pop back and tell us how you get on wi it after a few outings to find the pro's and cons? Brother is thinking about getting something after selling on an 008 LRF very quickly after buying it - and I disliked the thing too. I'll' subscribe to the thread.
  12. Despite them being about double the price of a Pard 008 they look and sound better on paper and youtube to me - Note I have not tried one. What stands out most for me (being Mr. Fussy old git) is the 30mm tube allows it to be used at 'normal' cheekweld/height above the barrel offering better stance with a slightly flatter trajectory - and the improved lower light sensitivity due to bigger pixels loading an image faster than the smaller one's in a Pard that sometimes cause horrible eye blur when panning - I really HATE seeing that. A close follow on is the rock solid mounting to be go
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