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  1. eddytom

    Help, again!

    You will need a hose and I would get a one of these so you can change the end easyer Screw that on to your hose and one of these to put your 100 fill adapter on and get one for your s10 aswell And you can un plug each fill adapter saves un screwing the hose every time to fill your s10 you can just unplug it and plug your 100 in straight away if that makes any sense
  2. eddytom

    A few of these on this perm

    Nice shooting jimmy
  3. eddytom

    Got out again this morning

    Very nice permission mate and good shooting
  4. eddytom

    Static hunting with the HW 97K .177.

    Nice shooting mark I’ve give up with springers I just can’t get on with them
  5. eddytom

    Out last night

    Nice shooting mate
  6. eddytom

    A few hours out

    Nice shooting viz
  7. eddytom


    Very good jimmy
  8. eddytom

    They did not stand a chance

    Nice shooting jimmy and shoot as many as you can
  9. Good shooting and nice dog
  10. eddytom

    TX 200 HC MK3, deadly accurate.

    Nice shooting
  11. eddytom

    Another cracking two days

    Nice shooting I’ve always fancied a 97
  12. eddytom

    Few more rabbits

    Good shooting and nice gun
  13. Them peddling c**ts are both from County Durham aswell
  14. eddytom

    Ferals and rabbits

    Good shooting mate
  15. eddytom


    No problem