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  1. eddytom

    Got another 2

    Thanks everyone
  2. eddytom

    Got another 2

    When I first got it I thought the pellets was clipping the silencer but I had it in the shop they couldn’t find anything wrong with it all I found out it was a bad patch of jsb s
  3. eddytom

    Got another 2

  4. eddytom

    Got another 2

    Got another 2 rabbits tonight with the rapid only out for a couple of hours I enjoyed it
  5. eddytom

    Free gun bag and hard case

    You can take the bed but leave my precious alone
  6. Any good to anyone free collection only one of the clips is broken on the hard case but the case stills works perfect the bag is a ratbag and the case is flambeau
  7. eddytom

    Went to a new perm

    I need to put some hides upto ive picked a few spots out just need to get them put up and corvids are smart I can’t get anywhere near them
  8. eddytom

    Went to a new perm

    Good shooting looks a nice spot
  9. eddytom

    Another good night

    Ok pal
  10. eddytom

    Another good night

    Thanks lads Yeah we will mark anytime you want tried to message you but to see how you were but I’ve lost your number
  11. eddytom

    Small holding

    Nice write up I love shooting crows
  12. eddytom

    Another good night

  13. eddytom

    Another good night

    Yeah there’s loads there’s 30 acres of fields then a 20 acre wood crawling with them.
  14. eddytom

    Another good night

  15. Had a walk out again tonight got 2 rabbits one was at 36 yards and one at 30 yards really enjoyed it both bucks aswell so that was a bonus