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  1. eddytom

    Foxred/Yellow Labrador pup's

    Them peddling c**ts are both from County Durham aswell
  2. eddytom

    Ferals and rabbits

    Good shooting mate
  3. eddytom


    No problem
  4. eddytom

    Another 2

    Thanks mate
  5. eddytom

    Another 2

  6. eddytom

    Another 2

    Got another 2 rabbits tonight one was just before dark and the other one was just after dark could of got a few more but only wanted two for the ferrets and freezer is full
  7. eddytom


    Nice shooting and good write up to
  8. eddytom

    Border terrier bitch

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    Selling my border terrier she is just over 12 month old I’ve had her since she was 6 weeks old I’ve only yoused her to bush in reedy fields and shooting over her with the shotgun and for rats she had her first season 4 month ago she is not kc I’m in County Durham pm if interested


  9. eddytom

    Got another 2

    Thanks everyone
  10. eddytom

    Got another 2

    When I first got it I thought the pellets was clipping the silencer but I had it in the shop they couldn’t find anything wrong with it all I found out it was a bad patch of jsb s
  11. eddytom

    Got another 2

  12. eddytom

    Got another 2

    Got another 2 rabbits tonight with the rapid only out for a couple of hours I enjoyed it
  13. eddytom

    Free gun bag and hard case

    You can take the bed but leave my precious alone
  14. Any good to anyone free collection only one of the clips is broken on the hard case but the case stills works perfect the bag is a ratbag and the case is flambeau