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    I will take the 300mm rapid mounts PM sent..
  2. Fight the ban sign another petition...
  3. fasthands

    Shy rabbits, how to overcome them

    I try to be sensible with reply.s, I just wont mention the police again..
  4. Ahh well i'l stick to just browsing then..is there any wonder...
  5. I agree it is a namby pamby society in many ways, but we are fighting an ever increasing amount of bad press this you must agree on? you SEEM to miss the point that if you are doing something legal you have nothing to hide so where is the problem? And the fact is can aid YOUR safety in the field, and safety is always first however you look at it. It's not about if you have to tell them, it's the point that it does no harm to do so and in fact that it could actually help our sport/job. I'm not going to enter into one of those forum arguments about this, but rather than point out to me that not everyone will agree with me as I am capable of understanding that fact myself regardless of how much I post on here. But YOUR opinion in that it was over kill and too long winded really wasn't necessary, and seems to me that you just wish to provoke a argumentative reaction. I hope I am wrong I don't know you, if this is the wrong impression I apologise but my thread is factual and wouldn't look right in text talk to make it shorter. I hope we can agree to disagree on this and move on to using the forums for the intended purpose. I bid you happy safe hunting in the future. Mark.
  6. Maybe you should post a little more then perhaps some of your replies won't be so long winded and complete over-kill. I was under the impression this was a free country and we SHOULDN'T have to inform the police that we're off out to perform LEGAL activities. Just the reply I expected!! I would post more but I actually go hunting not just sit at a computer talking about it..Telling the police about your legal activities doesn't at all change anything about it been a free country! As I said it's been part of society, of which I put an example, which obviously made it a too longer read for you sorry. Been a free country I thought I could write as much as I wanted in a post. or is that against the rules of the free forum?
  7. The single best thing that could happen to "legal" airgunner's is that everyone of us informed the local plod where with what and when we were shooting. As it would show statistics that there are many more responsible shooters than irresponsible ones. Rather that signing on-line petitions every time a little chav b*****d shoots his mate or neighbours dog etc and the papers get the story and brand every airgun owner in the same way..They all go on statistics these day's so why don't we give then the real figures? If you done inform the plod you are either LAZY, STUPID or ILLEGAL.. maybe all three.. My life was potentially saved by me informing the police where I was when illegal poachers were firing 308 rifles into my permission while I was stalking some bunny's, I could hear the shots but dare not move incase I was shot. The farmer called the police just before I did, thinking I had gone shooting saying I was using an air rifle but instead firing a bloody centerfire. They called me as I left my mobile and asked what I was doing. I explained the situation and described how best to get to the illegal shooters and how to block them in. This they did and caught three twat's from Birmingham with a jeep full of guns and ammo. none of them had a FAC the jeep contained two gun's that were reported as stolen, one of which was a Theoben Rapid MK1 .22 air rifle. so in my personal experience the Police were fantastic. I drive a highly tuned Nissan Silvia, my other expensive bloody hobby and the traffic police are usually twat's that think I am a boy racer and talk to me like a 17 year old who's just passed his test. This pisses me off no end but I show them I have declared all the mod's to my insurance and point out I have had a clean licence for 13 years and just happen to like fast cars. They always back down and it ends up with them leaving on a good note, and now the local plod give me the thumb's up father that blue lights and a speech. IMO the best result. Is it really that hard? and rather than falling into the groove, it's basic behaviour of living in a society. of which we ALL benefit in some way just like the forum society who use mods to keep the peace so really we have no reason to be so anti police/mods etc. As I bet the people who say the police are twat's and have no other out look on them would be the first to call them if there car was stolen while out shooting! because they pay their taxes and it's their right!! or contact a mod about some twat taking money for goods advertised on the forum but not sending the goods. We all have our gripes about the government and police and mods (AG BBS) etc, but just look at the countries like South Africa where the police/Government are corrupt and there is no law control and gun crime is so prolific no one knows who is good bad or indifferent would you like to live there? Call my bluff and everyone call the plod and tell them of there shooting whereabouts and who they are etc. ask the local police super or firearms officer to keep a record at every station of the declaration of legal airgun shooters and there details for 12 months, then gather it all and see where the anti airgun brigade stand then! we have no excuse. If permission is so hard to get because someone already has it, then a massive percentage of the country's shooting applicable ground must have legal permissions granted. so the stat's should be there if we all can be arsed to do the sensible thing. Gun clubs Forum owners/mods could help by contacting the police forces.. But I suppose it's easier to sit at the laptop and moan like f**k.. I usually just browse the forums and keep quiet but today I feel I can have a bit of a say on this one. I have permission on thousands of acres across Cornwall and north Devon, and come across lot's of keen people who want to go shooting safely and professionally but are put off by the stigma of guns and their owners. I have introduced five friends to the sport and got them their own permissions. I advise them to keep in touch with the police in their area and they are all still enjoying shooting with no hassles, especially from the plod. Rant over.. be safe folk's and legal..lol
  8. fasthands

    Shy rabbits, how to overcome them

    Night vision is cheating.... Improve your field craft and you will feel a lot happier with the bag of bunny's when you get them. You can actually shoot wearing a Hi-viz!! it's un natural, too much and too fast movement that they are wary of. I had the very same situation I laid my 5ft square of camo net in the gorse bush above their warren for a few days, then placed it 35y away at about 3am, so I knew my range as soon as I got in position, I steadily want back just before dusk taking an hour to get where I can in 5 mins. I used my Ledray tactical 400 scope lamp with green filter and bagged 3 one after the other. I then waited 25-30 mins for another and same again. I left the net where it was went back two days later and had 3 more. I't was tricky as I had to come down hill towards them moving along a hedge. I had good old 95 camo head to toe then. a mesh type face vail and black MacWet gloves. I have thousands of acres to shoot on and this place has always been a challenge but it's all part of the fun. FIELDCRAFT FIELDCRAFT FIELDCRAFT, and a lot of patience.. you will have em mate..And they will taste superb.. Good luck..
  9. fasthands

    Airgun BBS

    I must agree it is very click'y almost gay. I think they have meets where they dance with sticks and have bells on their socks..
  10. I have had the GL2 it is a good bit of kit, but I changed it for the tactical 400 and it's a lot better, the green filter is fab too. All you need for airgun shooting not the 50 million lumen to the moon and back beam stuff that everyone seems to feel is needed. And perfect in the barns for pigeons and rat's. I think it's a perfect little bit of kit for the ranges we realistically shoot with sub 12lb/ft air rifles. http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Deben-Tracer-LEDRay-Tactical-400-Lumen-170m-Lamp-Kit-/280587908601?pt=UK_SportingGoods_Hunting_ShootingSports_ET&hash=item415457b5f9#ht_559wt_1139
  11. I have for sale due to been messed around by a gun shop in Cornwall.. Two scopes they are both brand new in the boxes, the nighteater has never been out of the box. The Targetmaster has been put on a AA EV2 to zero the rifle, then put back in the box. So both perfect condition. I bought the AA EV2 a while ago, to find the previous owner had mounted the scope with ill matched mounts and damaged the scope tube. I sorted it out with the shop and they agreed to replace the scope. While waiting a stupid amount of time for this replacement to get to me, I bought the Targetmaster and the BKL mounts. I since sold the rifle as and the new owner didn't want the scope. So as it is new I agreed to sell the rifle only. Target shooting isn't for me.. An impulse buy.. we have all done at some point.. I am sticking to vermin control.. and my HW100.. so For sale I have, Nikko Stirling TargetMaster, 10-50x60 FT reticule in box as new..£240. Mounted once, zero'd with 20-30 shots then removed and re-boxed. nikko Stirling NightEater, 10-50x60 LRX reticule, £190. never been out of box. A set of BKL 30mm mounts 1" extended off set double strap dovetail fitting. part # BKL302 link to mounts, http://www.uttings.co.uk/Product/649/106558/bkl-2-piece-double-strap-offset-medium-30mm-mount-bkl-302/ Mounts in box used to mount the scope mentioned earlier then re-boxed. £40 Having a clear out of shooting stuff, HW45 pistol .22 boxed as new cond, black £180 Ritcher optiks 3-9x50 scope 1" tube with mounts £35 Webley pistols, tempest & Typhoon Typhoon is boxed with paperwork and mint condition.. ask if interested. I would prefer pick up in person, I will post but will have to be recorded signed for and insured. and payment cleared into my bank before posting. Paypal accepted as a GIFT or cheque bank transfer. contact me on 07935597638 if interested. Kind regards, Mark. Pictures can be emailed to you I will get them on here as soon as I can, but they look just the same as they do on Uttings website..
  12. Perfect deal well happy with scope, trusty seller as it should be. many thanks..

  13. Good Trust worthy guy, well worth dealing with - many thanks :)

  14. fasthands

    WTF is up with people these days?

    Yea mate,I take my hat off to you for keeping your cool.. It makes my piss boil when I read thing like this.. I bet the bloke is a right perfect example of the human race too .. Ho no he can't be, he lies to kids!! what a Tw*t..
  15. fasthands

    177 hw100

    As marksman said every gun is different, but I am using Bisley Magnums in my .177 HW100 and they dont half whack... But take note these do push my gun very close to the legal limit, at around 140-160 bar of cylinder presure.. They are 10,4 grains fairly heavy.. I also use FX but not done much with them yet, hunting wise. But they seem to keep the ft/lb down around 11.4. they are 8.4 grains.. It's an often debated science the old what pellet for this gun lark.. But I have clamped my gun in a black&Decker workmate, set a 5 circle target at 30 yards. and put 6 pellets of each type at different circles on the target.. And just see how they group/penetrate.. I put the target on a piece of 3/4 inch ply. and set the pressure in the cylinder at 160bar for each set of pellets. It just gives a reasonable idea of concistency.. But cheap pellets are a waste of time.. Ie Milbro,and stuff.. I hope this helps you a little, as I know it can get a bit frustrating.. Good luck hunting chap..