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  1. :11: the ultimate digging dogs with the hardest ground to over yyyaaawwwwnnnn ... i havnt hears that much before :11:
  2. kane you are a f*****g knob ... its because i do a bit that i know when i am reading bullshit and when i am not .... as for your border what the f**k has that got to do with the price of coal ............
  3. if it looks like bullshit and reads like bullshit it probably is bullshit .............
  4. try what we talked about in chat last night mate see if it makes a difference
  5. what meat is he on and how much bread and pasta is he having per meal mate .... it might help if you stop knicking his food you fat c u n t
  6. never had one on a running dog and never will .... they take enoughe of a risk without me adding to them by leaving a collar on ..............................
  7. socks

    wee joke

    :11: :11: :11: :11: :11: :11:
  8. tim f u c k off you plummer loving feltcher :11: :11: :11:
  9. yellow shit will be the bile churning up in his stomach due to nerves ... give him 5 days if he isnt making progress tell them to do what you did
  10. that will be nerves and the new environment ... no need to starve him just keep him and his surroundings calm and quiet and feed him little meals often and he will be fine .................
  11. i was ozzy osborn but i look like brad pit .. or was is that his brother cess :11: :11: :11:
  12. do you get a cut off these boots swansea ?
  13. how many bulls do you see working sheep and cattle .... how many bulls do you see winning obedience competitions ??? it is a well known fact that the collie is the most inteligent of all breeds ... so a bull cross cannot be compared to a collie cross for levels of inteligence .... that said there is no reason why you cant train a bull cross to a high level of field work .............
  14. have no idea and dont realy care ... the only thing that bothers me is if the dog stays and does the job .............
  15. my digging partner has a 2 1/2 year old bitch for sale ... she is a small type but hard as nails and will stay all day .... not going into the reason she is for sale but it is nothing that the bitch has done wrong £150 no offers pm me if you have a genuine enquery .....
  16. seen that a couple years ago .... it was running rings around festers second rate curs at the time :11: :11: :11: ... its a whippet
  17. i have a border bitch here that retrieves .... and her pat/border daughtewr taht is 5 months old retrieves aswell .... yuo train then exactly the same as any other breed ........
  18. socks

    FAO Socks

    looks like she is coming on a treat
  19. whether a bitch is mated or not her body takes on changes as she comes into season ... her pelvis alters her hips slightly widen her muscles on her hind quarters slightly depleet and slacken etc etc etc .... all this is in readyness for the birth of her pups ... when she comes out of season and her body knows she hasnt been mated all these things will return to normall .... all dogs especially lurchers (due to the differing breeds in the make up) will be back to normal at different times .... i would run a dog untill you can see she is not herself then i would give light exercise daily untill
  20. excellent pics and a stunning animal ... i have seen mike's dog grow and it has turned into a stunning dog .... from the variouse pics i have seen the litter was a great succsess .... well done for sticking to your guns DC and ignoring the doubting thomas's that plague the hunting scene .... oh and by the way that dog is much nicer than mike's :11: :11: :11:
  21. socks

    i'm back

    what happened ??? little girls kidneys ??? smashing keyboards ??? .... whatever it was gods speed for your little girls recovery .............
  22. and this coming from the guy that tried to trell me about how hard dogs were no good .... i can see why now .... 3 in a hole :11: :11: :11: ... i am sure he will say ... I DIDNT MEAN THAT WHAT I MEANT WAS .... to f*****g late :11: :11: :11:
  23. f**k me that looks creepy as f**k :11: :11: :11:
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