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  1. You won't need to take your lamp if you are going to use rangers to guide you, all "night drives" are done by using a huge lamp to pick up eyes in the bush, i shouldn't think you will be able to hold a camera and a lamp? If you are using an organised/tourist guide, they will have ample lamps etc. Most use a tracker, who is responsible for shining the lamp and finding game, if its an organised thing, i would doubt that you'd be allowed to shine your own lamp around at will. Plus tbh the trackers are trackers for a reason they know the game and the land inside out and will find you what yo
  2. On paper your right a tenth season hound shouldn't be still doing the job and to a degree that warrants his food bill . . . . however a professional huntsman that knows his hounds as well as this one does, would not keep him if he was not up to his job. As has been rightly pointed out, an experienced hound will lead the young guns and teach them to not always rely on exuberance and pace to find a line. A pack of hounds is a working being, a well put together pack will hold hounds that cover all manner of skills to get the job done in the most effective way possible, young, old, fast, slow, a
  3. Lurcher bitch puppy found approx 4pm in Clare Sudbury, Suffolk. Please PM me for details.
  4. Another great read and photos . . . . the one of little george strutting along with a baby rat, proud as punch in all his stumpy legged ,puppy loveliness, is my fav !
  5. Awesome! Just in time for my visit I hope Come on girls, let me come too, will let you have a go with my equipment I'll have my new equipment by then . . . i may let you touch it.
  6. CROSS POSTED. Stolen in the Dover Area in Kent While out walking my 2 GSPs this evening a scum bag in a white Berlingo type van managed to grab Mischka my GSP bitch and get her in the van before I was able to get close enough. The police have been contacted and have the details of the vehicle and the details of Mischka. If anyone in the South or anywhere gets offered a Liver and White Ticked Bitch, please contact me if there's no paperwork. She is just coming in to season as well so someone may realise and be looking for a dog to cover her keep an eye out. She is chipped and I have
  7. I've got an earth already sorted and in use for fox cub shots.
  8. Well done all . . and congrats to Bradley and Dolls . . well deserved.
  9. Glad this ended well, i'm only 15 miles from Barton and had emailed all dog contacts and shoots i work with, will update them now.
  10. Not code related but . . . .. . . . as an experiment . . . i think we should skype the parrots!!!???
  11. You wouldnt be allowed "in".......you would have to stay out side with me and the rest of the plebs :tongue2: Outside with you and a mountain of plebs is sounding a very exciting place to be! . . . . . Are you , like me, in Sunday night heaven again??
  12. Big head..... Dont get me wrong its a cracking retrieve but the dog will have done it plenty of times, it would be a piece of piss for it. Its not my fault i have a faultless second hand gundog . . . . don't be jel be reem! You must just be lucky like me then.............. Amen to luck.
  13. Big head..... Dont get me wrong its a cracking retrieve but the dog will have done it plenty of times, it would be a piece of piss for it. Its not my fault i have a faultless second hand gundog . . . . don't be jel be reem!
  14. Lovely video . . . . i would think though that any breed of gundog that enjoys water retrieves would do the same, i wouldn't choose a chesepeake on that footage. The lab i have hear would do the same no problem.
  15. Kongs filled with meat/whatever are excellent boredom breakers, when my bitch injured her shoulder and needed 3 months cage rest i used them all the time. There is a lot of training toys like kongs that you can use to keep her mind active. I found that once my dog had got used to the idea of being in the crate, i could let her out in the evening to lay on the sofa, she would walk around the lounge but i just made sure she didn't jump on or off the furniture. You know your dog and will be able to make a decision on how you think she'll react to a bit of freedom. My bitch has a lot of colli
  16. Will consider getting my dog stuffed like Molly the legend, killed by a van! lol

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    2. rob190364


      Hannah, I know Molly has a few bad hair days but I wouldn't say she looks like she's been hit by a van and stuffed! ha ha

    3. Moll.


      Cheers pet..lol lol


    4. THLpatrick


      im considering my dog just to get killed by a van

  17. This boy was rescued from a kennel in Northumberland whilst i was working up there last winter . . . . Literally from a kennel, as in he'd not been out of it more than a few times his entire life. b*****ds. Was a complete wild, physco when i got him, fearful, aggressive, and totally unconnected with humans . .. . . . For me thats what makes him more special, the fact that he had such a rough start and has taken to family life and work with such ease, honestly i never liked Labs, preferring edgier breeds, pastrol/collie types . . . . but this dog has changed my mind completely, he's a joy
  18. I have a fox red lab, Moss . . . its his first season and he's showing real promise in the field, excellent drive and focus, never tires of work, and is a joy to train and own. A natural and a prime example of a dog that knows his job, he just seems to understand what is expected of him in the field. I actually rescued him when he was 7 months, unfortunately he'd been castrated, a real shame as he's a cracking dog both in looks and work ability.
  19. Thanks Marcy thats really helpful . . . you've found a link to the same camera, thats a tenner more expensive than this one . . . . As sweet as your gesture was, its was a little pointless?? . . unless your hoping to get a game of auction site snap going?
  20. I'll be buying new, so its really just a toss up between the 2, the D4 is expected Feb/March here, i am very tempted, although will prove to be an expensive upgrade with the batteries and memory cards. Video doesn't faze me as i wouldn't use it, but that said if you have it then who knows. The FPS and immense ISO range are the bits that get me excited, as you well know, hounds going in and out of cover, dogs on the move in shadowy winter sun, and general shit, grey english weather . . . . the ISO performance is very important for what i shoot. I don't think the D3X will drop massively to be
  21. Most fox hound packs in England now hunt a drag, and are accompanied by a large bird of prey, Eagle Owl/Golden Eagle . . .in the unfortunate event that a fox is flushed and a gun is not present, then the BOP is used to dispatch the fox ahead of the hounds.
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