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  1. I live in France on the edge of the Cevennes these days, with my whip-grey bitch and galgo dog. Being used to big fields with hares and rabbits (Netherlands), options for longdog work are dissapointing here. Mountains with sharp rocks and stones, thick forest all around. No rabbits, only an occasional hare and plenty of wild boar. Hunting with longdogs (chasse a vue) has been illegal in France since 1833. Hunting with scent hounds exists for sure, there are several packs for hare, boar, fox and deer in more suitable terrain. But not here, the terrain is too difficult. All hunting here
  2. Okay the media go on about fox hunting with scent hounds and the repeal. But what does it mean for hunting lurchers/greyhounds in the UK? Can anyone inform me? All the best, Lennard
  3. Really do check before giving dogs human medication. Dogs have a different chemistry, some compounds are OK some are really not. Usually carnivores get intoxicated/damaged more easy by all kinds of chemicals that are tolerated well by omnivores (humans, pigs) and herbivores. The latter 2 are exposed to more different compounds in their diet and have more metabolic ways to deal with them. L.
  4. I am not fond enough of cleaning and eating game to put up with a really good one. If "really good one" is mainly defined by the amount of game it brings in.
  5. L.S., Probably some years ago there was a topic on here about the history of sighthounds in the UK. This topic contained links to pictures depicting stones with images of "knights" and hounds, maybe of the "pict people". A search does not turn up any old results and I don't get my old posts in my post list either. Does anyone have a link to this old topic? All the best, Lennard
  6. Thanks for the replies. So it is working and really practiced...nice. Would be a reason for me to come to the UK and see it. Lennard
  7. L.S., Couple of years ago when the ban came along, I believe that using hounds to flush game for an eagle was legal with the new law. So how is that working out these days? Are there hunts that use eagles? all the best, Lennard
  8. I am with Bosun11 on this. With the extra that I would burn the energy of the dog by biking before taking it lamping. Make it tired a bit and then pick the perfect easy kill. L
  9. If you really want something than you can make the time for it. I know no better than that I work during the day and bike with my dogs after or before work for 1-2 hours 4 days out of 5. Longdogs are less time consuming than women...1-2 hours daily running is enough for the adults. L
  10. Merci. De reu is een superhond, goede loper en waaks en een zeer fijne huisgenoot. Ik heb een paar jaar terug in west NL, regio Den Haag, een kruising grey-deerhound gezien, een reu, uit de UK maar of die nog leeft of hoe zijn meesters heten, geen idee. Er zijn een paar kruisingen grey-barsoi in NL uit een of ander "oeps" nest maar die honden zijn ook al een dagje ouder. Het best zijn die op te sporen via het Nederlandse windhondenforum denk ik. Maar er is een grote kans dat ze gecastreerd zijn of dood of dat hun meesters niet meewerken aan een dekking. Succes met zoeken, als je mi
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