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  1. like its been suggested if you have a spare yard to put a couple of deer in then it does the hounds no harm to see them every day, but the best way is to go and look for deer and set them up, have a couple of lads on either quads or horses and anything that even looks like it wants to take off when they see deer then square em up and do it lots! the biggest mistake people make with hounds rioting on deer is they shy away from getting amongst them and go the other direction, get amongst them and let them see them, then you can chastise them in a controlled manner
  2. hes pure Bywaters American foxhound
  3. I now live in Virginia, this was taken last winter in SW Ontario Canada , millions of acres of corn for the coons to eat
  4. I have eaten Racoon, it was fed to me without me knowing, it was like Teriyaki beef , but as a rule I don’t eat them or feed them
  5. The poor little blue bitch couldn’t stop it, she was hanging off it and it just up and walked off ! I had to let the other bitch in to try and pin the b*****d
  6. https://youtu.be/kg3ja0iSBIk this is the biggest Racoon I’ve ever taken , just shy of 35lbs
  7. Coming home from the Thanksgiving meet (third Thursday in November) taken with iPhone 7
  8. iPhone 7 taken last year mid cub hunting season
  9. The view from the back of a Quad, taken in early Autumn hunting
  10. A couple of shots a took a couple of night ago
  11. They’re my own breeding there’s various lines in their makeup
  12. from grafting Parents, i dont breed from them if they wont go to ground
  13. Yeah that's my ugly face in the picture, we cover a huge territory, i'd say hounds run 25 to 40 miles in a day
  14. Some shots of my pack of Bywaters American Foxhounds
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