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  1. I would just like to give my old bitch a mention. This bitch earned her keep everyday for me for the past 11 + years I had the pleasure of working her. She never really put a thing wrong and always give her best. She had one of the best noses I have seen and It’ll take some dog to replace her. I can honestly say that I’m going to miss this bitch and I’ll be a happy man if I ever get anything else as half as good as she was. RIP old lass.
  2. traveled over to this show and what a cracking show it was. There were some tidy worked dogs on show Enjoyed watching the digging competition. Shame the father and son didn’t win. That young lad didn’t stop from start to finish. Fair play to him. The only thing negative I can say about it all was getting ripped off by Ryanair. Cost a fortune in hidden costs. Ripping off . Well done to all that organised it and to the judges
  3. Traveled down from Yorkshire to this one and it was a very good day and night. Head was abit sore this morning though but really enjoyed it. A good show run by top class men. Thanks to Andy, Alan and woody for making us feel more than welcome.
  4. She looking well pal. Has she found her voice yet. Lol. Plenty to go at next season for her
  5. One of the best shows I’ve been to. Hoping to travel over to this one again
  6. I had a call from one of my contract just over a month ago over a mink. First one for me. This mink was entering a flour mill and traveling to the third floor of the building and taking Feral pigeons. To be honest It was helping me to control them from a area I was struggling to get access to and there hasn’t been any rat issues. Ha. But it was shitting every where around the building and the smell was eye watering. I caught it in a live trap using sardines.
  7. I went through a phase for tattoos. This is one I got done on my calf. To be honest I think it could of been better but its too late now. Ha
  8. Good season for us so far in West Yorkshire.
  9. Enjoyed the show and the drink in the pub afterwards but my heads abit sore tho
  10. Just booked our b&b to travel down to this show. Don’t go to many shows but this is a good show run by top class guys.
  11. Simply business. Public liability up to 5m for pest and vermin control. I paid just less than £150
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