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  1. First time seen these. Just getting back into lamping. Had many year daytime only.
  2. Yeah I just try feed good food and raw tbf rather than supplements. Up to 3 month they seem slow Growing apart from some mind so just seem to shoot up from 6 week.
  3. At what age do use think is the time you see the most growth in your dogs. I’ve always found from 3 to 6 month is where there body changes the most. Does any of use supplement there food with anything also. Just interested in other people’s opinions
  4. I’ve had dogs direct from him had dogs where he is grandsire to them also. me pal just had litter direct out of a dog from him. Same as all dogs to be fair good and bad in all them. Iam a straight talker I’ve seen a lot out of him run over the years. bad points seen at least 5 yap out of him all from different litter. good points most them have a good bit of speed aggression and I’ve not see a bad one when comes to cover.
  5. Yeah pup got all sorts in deerhound everything. It was a shock I think when some merle came. Bedlington x greyhound the black one.
  6. Sounds like it hasn’t changed then lol.
  7. Being popping on now and again but not posted in a while so thought I’ll say hello again. Probleys still Chat to few of use on Facebook or on the phone. How’s things going looking forward to the season. I’ve only got young dogs and pups this year did full circle in what Iam after lol moved from shropshire back to north east England.
  8. Yeah sold his couple week back being killing a few on phone him everyday. Another lad sold his last week as wasn’t getting ran much he has another out the litter aswel. And the other one for sale which he said is to steady he runs tight land mainly up where he lives speak him most days two.
  9. Mother is cocos old bitch sister to Tom petch bitch out of dan. Ran well last season 1st season aswel slow start but did well when they count December onwards. Just trying to get him going now being working away all year so hasn’t had best start.
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