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  1. craigo

    Bulldozer x Tilly

    Yeah sold his couple week back being killing a few on phone him everyday. Another lad sold his last week as wasn’t getting ran much he has another out the litter aswel. And the other one for sale which he said is to steady he runs tight land mainly up where he lives speak him most days two.
  2. craigo

    next years crop

    Mother is cocos old bitch sister to Tom petch bitch out of dan. Ran well last season 1st season aswel slow start but did well when they count December onwards. Just trying to get him going now being working away all year so hasn’t had best start.
  3. craigo

    next years crop

    Father son.
  4. craigo

    next years crop

    I’ve always said put Scouser to a pure was only on about it couple days ago to a man with a fast pure. I’ve a dog direct out Scouser and a young dog of a scouser molly dog
  5. craigo

    Bone Men Yorkshire

    I think Steve Duncan the best. I’ve just Robert meek and never again the man says what he feels like and it being proven
  6. craigo

    Bulldozer x Tilly

    I’ve two pals with pups out that litter one them has two other has one. He also got one out first litter.
  7. craigo

    Coursing sire for stud wanted

    I’ve got couple of friends in shropshire with fast type coursing dogs ran all around shropshire so have to have speed.
  8. craigo


    They of dan to a fast bitch Trevor had
  9. craigo


    He is okay just steady away kills every time out so can't ask for anymore
  10. craigo


    Must be a different bitch he took it to scouser first time she didn't take so this time he got her artificial done. Just got off phone to coco pal. The sister to his bitch went to scouser aswel what tom owned his bitch only had one litter to him.
  11. craigo


    I've got a dog out cocos to Scouser's they under 2 year old.
  12. craigo

    Help With Saluki Lines...

    Not sure who's is right mine or yours I was having this conversation on a page just about coursing dogs pedigrees and this is what all the lads came forward with.
  13. craigo

    Help With Saluki Lines...

    Jason bradfords luke Is luke x lofty's sally Sally was lurcher x pure Luke was Charlie x sweet by chocolate
  14. craigo

    Anyone Going To Midland Gamefair?

    Being there all day might be back there tomorrow meeting some lads.
  15. craigo

    Nuttalls Buddy And Billy Boo

    Which dog of boos is it out of.