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  1. Would be interested putting mine over something like that. Could see them being good mooching dogs.
  2. Let me know if you ever want to see him run
  3. Mine has a tiny bit of bull and a lot of whippet. Along with everything els!
  4. Very nice mate. How tall if you don’t mind me asking? My type of dog that would like to find a bitch bred this way to put mine over.
  5. Good night for it tonight strong wind had a fun couple hours
  6. Nice one mate! got some decent weather for it tonight round me. Good luck for rest of season
  7. Always liked the look of this bitch, is a shame! How tall was she?
  8. Got one very similar my self except it’s one of these American “wicked lights”. Comes with red, green, and white. But the white light is useless. The red is brilliant tho as a spotter. Get great eye shine from it. Not worth the money tho!
  9. To teach them not to be running in after every shot started for me with a dummy. Getting him steady to that first. Then it was a case of getting him in the hide and educating him. Be consistent. Never tell them of when they are carrying something. It’s all about timing. If they make a run for it out the hide once you have shot something, try to get out after them before they make a retrieve, as giving them a telling off once they have something in there mouth gets very confusing for them. It also makes life much easier if they can mark most of what comes down. So mine has learnt to sit in the
  10. Had mine out in the pigeon hide today. He does the job and is soft mouthed with feather
  11. RIP have enjoyed watching videos of him also.
  12. Collie, whippet, bull, grey x 3/4 whippet, beddy
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