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  1. I know what you mean about falling asleep, could have a few times I find enough to keep him and me happy, but wouldn’t mind a night like that once in a while!
  2. Not just as easy as that mate, my job doesn’t allow me to. Plus not been in the game long, got a young dog and still learning
  3. Wish I could show mine that much, good on you mate, best of luck!! Seems like your bitch knows exactly what she’s doing
  4. Roughly how many runs would you have to catch 27? That’s bloody good going!
  5. Got to be done with this wind! Had a hour out my self, deffo haven’t got those numbers round my way tho, bet you had some good sport!!
  6. He’s about right for what I need, but very can be very stubborn!
  7. Just over 2 year old. 21”TTS
  8. Not exactly the same but similar. Collie/whippet/bull/grey X 3/4 whippet 1/4 beddy
  9. Collie, whippet, bull, grey X 3/4 whippet 1/4 beddy. 2 year old
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