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  1. Wouldn’t call mine a fox dog, far from it but he has and will retrieve Charlie. Only 21”TTS, plenty of whippet in him. But he deffo couldn’t do it night after night and wouldn’t expect him to.
  2. Yeah I really like him nice one
  3. Really like him, my type of dog How’s tall is he?
  4. He 3 year old and 21” TTS ish. Works well for me and suits type of ground I work. He has a good brain and uses it. Dam collie, whippet, bull, grey. Sire 3/4 whippet 1/4 beddy.
  5. Thinking along the lines of a fairly light built bull grey, Or Saluki bull grey. But as I say another year or so till I would want to do it. Unless a suitable bitch came up and I didn’t have a choice to wait, I would probably take the opportunity.
  6. Not a strait whippet, but a lot of whippet in there along with everything els
  7. Some nice pics there mate, nice to see others using them for everything.
  8. Cheers not about numbers for me mate, but like most people on here my passion is running dogs. So like a lot of others any spare time I get I’m out with my dog trying to find him game to run. Also my dog isn’t out only during “season”. If we aren’t out looking for rats, he will be in the pigeon hide with me, or he is out pushing pheasants home. Just like being out with me dog. Probably just like yourself. Cheers for your input mate
  9. That’s what worries me. Think iv been lucky with him so far. His running style is very aggressive, tho he has been ran in woodland since a pup, which I think has helped a lot with his awareness. But anything can happen when running dogs which everyone knows.
  10. Nice job, bet it was a good day out!
  11. Try to get out with the lamp at least 3 nights a week during season if conditions are half okay sometimes more , and work him in the beating line most Saturdays during shooting season. Sunday we mostly out with the ferret again if weather suits. That’s as much time as I can physically give him. It helps he is very adaptable, opens a lot more opportunity. He keeps me happy which is enough for me.
  12. yeah mate anything can happen! But he 3 year old now and unless something drastic happens I can’t see him going backwards. He hasn’t refused anything he has bumped up yet! We will see
  13. Maybe blackneck is right, a racy bull/grey.
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