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  1. She out grew her collar she had, and not going to buy another till she grows into that one coming up 6 months
  2. I would be up for letting some one use my little dog for stud. Decent rabbit dog. Works lamp well, and is spot on for my type of ferreting. 20”TTS, decent feet, can take a few knocks. Coming up 5 year old. Depends on what type you like I suppose.
  3. growing rapidly atm. Look forward to seeing what she will grow into.
  4. Nice one! Always enjoy watching footage of your dogs working. Credit to you
  5. Cheers. I’m sure she will be good enough for me
  6. Was probs a bit misleading putting what mix rather than cross. 3/8th 5/8th bull grey. Parents both good at what they do. So got high hopes for her!
  7. Very pleased with my new pup. Just coming up 15 weeks. Bit of a handful, very confident and seems to be driven already. Any one guess the mix. Cheers
  8. My little dog. Just gone 4year old. 20”ish TTS. Dam collie, whippet, bull, grey. Sire 3/4 whippet, 1/4 beddy. Little pocket rocket who punches above his weight. Very driven and also has half a brain. Best suited working with the ferrets. But hasn’t embarrassed me yet on a night out!
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