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  1. He has been a good little dog for me. Shame he doesn’t have abit more size would be a lot more capable. He has plenty of heart tho! Quick little dog.
  2. He still with me mate. He never going anywhere! Put him out for stud the other week. Someone wanted to use him over there collie bull grey. Be interesting to see what they like. He picked up a injury in his lower leg last summer. Not been quite the same since. Still catches rabbits with ease!
  3. Seen a few “bad dogs” turn into very good dogs in the right hands. I know not all make the grade but think a lot of it is down to what’s on the other end of the lead.
  4. I expected better of you
  5. She can move! Very driven. Look foward to getting her going this season coming. Need something fairy quick round my way.
  6. My other dog who works with ferrets is silent. Don’t really mind what this one does regarding marking. 90% with her will be on the lamp
  7. Just started marking at 7 months
  8. Bred the same as mine then. Got any pics of him?
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