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  1. The xq30 is certainly good enough for the runners.clarity won't be as good as the 38 but you get what you pay for
  2. I've been getting a thermal eye x100xp for the runners.fits in your pocket no problem .seems a very handy little thing no messing about.mind you can only get them second hand now.
  3. Has anybody been using this monocular.I'm looking at using thermal this season.seems to be a bit cheaper than the other pulsar units.only be used for the runners.any reviews much appreciated.or is their any other monocular at a decent price without paying a couple of grand
  4. Advanced joint support mate.ordered from amazon
  5. Turmeric and advanced joint support.my 10 year old labrador is on this medication and what an unbelievable difference it's made.it takes a month or so to see it working properly but you won't be disappointed.
  6. Just as well you were with your dad.if he was on his own god knows what might of happened.hope he recovers well
  7. Maybe try giving the dog a week or so rest won't do him no harm.
  8. Anybody with one for sale.let me know thanks.
  9. Halogen for me.leds ok but just not as good as halogen. It a shame halogen lamps aren't cordless but in the future surely something will come out then I think a lot of lads will go back to halogen lol
  10. Is it any good without the torch mate for spotting or does it need it
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