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  1. Haha nice and easy dose it pal lol if spent more on dogs than I will ever make back i spent 1500 on new stock last week lol
  2. Iv found in the past if you pay for something you tend to take better care of it if give dogs dogs away in the past i gifted 5 pups out of my last litter and I found the dont care as much about them
  3. The dogs not for sale the pup out of him is I haven't got the big dog mate its my pals i just have pick of the litter and out of the pups and have no room for him so al sell the dog pup
  4. I have pick of the litter out of a very well bred litter of bull/ grey saluki / grey i won't have space for him and he will be for sale if any one is interested just pm me
  5. I'm sure am going shake his world up a little bit lol but al give him the best chance i can and the rest is up to him but he reminds me so much of his sire and he was one of the best dogs iv ever seen in my life
  6. Yer he the same size as my big dog and no nothing been a pet stuck in a kitchen never seen a thing
  7. It's the pick mate he will be 26 27 pal that pic dose nothing for him lol
  8. Iv just got this dog pup back out of a litter i bred he will be almost 18 month old he is out of my pure bred bitch out of nero to my old dog rio
  9. Cheers black neck that what its all about running them this time of year when the at the best
  10. Yer have had the lot put right had to have 6 weeks of Steve D sorted him out for me a had him out this mornig and he done 2 out 3 so I'm very happy
  11. Cheers pal al give him 3 hard runs in the morning see how he fairs up
  12. I tuck him to the bone man after av ran him hard for a couple of month and his neck was out both hips and 5 vertebrae on his back
  13. After haveing a run of bad luck with injuries my good dog big flint is back to 100% fit and ready he been getting the odd run past to weeks and he stoped time for some real stick
  14. He is comeing right now pal he was a late matureing dog but now he is changeing finding his feet
  15. Ano pal perfect for stubbles she got all the tools
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